Preventive Medicine

The Department of Preventive Medicine is involved in preventive medicine clinical care, education, and research for the School of Medicine. The department provides a comprehensive, four-year preventive medicine curriculum to all medical students. Graduate medical education training is available in a general preventive medicine residency, an occupational medicine residency, an addiction medicine fellowship, and a combined family and preventive medicine residency.

The department works with and supports the School of Public Health, as well as various other Loma Linda programs in health promotion and epidemiology research projects—the most prominent of which is the Adventist Health Study. Preventive medicine faculty direct clinical services at the Center for Health Promotion, the Occupational Medicine Center, the Social Action Community (SAC) Health System clinics, and five separate Inland Empire university health services. A diverse faculty focus primary activities through the School of Medicine, the School of Public Health, the Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Veterans Medical Center, the San Bernardino County and Riverside County health departments, and various other regional and community entities.


April Wilson

Primary faculty

Cono Badalamenti

Michael A. Caruso

Bonnie I. Chi-Lum

Amarilda A. Christensen

Rebecca Chung

Ralph Clark

Camille Clarke

T. Allan Darnell

Hans A. Diehl

Wayne S. Dysinger

Linda H. Ferry

Dominique M. Fradin-Read

Eric K. Frykman

Andrew H. Guo

Kenneth W. Hart

Ronald P. Hattis

Ionela O. Hubard

Haitham Juma

Cameron D. Kaiser

Pejman Katiraei

Datis Kharrazian

Paul Kim

Sarah Lavery

Aileen Lo

Ariane Marie-Mitchell

Rikki Martinez

Crystal Mata

Joel R. Mundall

Claire Nelson

Eric Ngo

Michael J. Orlich

Alma M. Palisoc

Dipika Pandit

Warren R. Peters

Douglas Plata

Ernest J. Prochazka

Amy Reese

Joon W. Rhee

Douglas C. Richards

Paula D. Scariati

Akbar Sharip

Wilfred W. Shiu

Katherine E. Sljuka

Karen Studer

Glen A. Thomazin

Juna Tsao

Sylvie Wellhausen

Dave A. Williams

April Wilson

Secondary and adjunct faculty

Carolina Abrew-Quimbaya

Mihran H. Ask

James Crounse

N. Margarete Ezinwa

Gary Fraser

Herbert Giebel

George Guthrie

Richard H. Hart

Mohamed H. Ismail

Jayakaran S. Job

Wonha Kim

Synnove M. F. Knutsen

Jason Lohr

Susan B. Montgomery

Tricia Y. Penniecook

Manjit Randhawa

Brenda Rea

Kevin Shannon

Jamie Sharon

Robin Smith

Serena Tonstad

Aristo Vojdani

Loretta Joy Wilber

Stacey Wiles

Wesley S. Youngberg

Emeritus faculty

P. William Dysinger