Radiation Technology/Radiation Sciences (RTRS)


RTRS 578. Health-care Financial Management. 3 Units.

Investigates methods of applying financial management strategies from a radiology perspective. Demonstrates the fundamentals of finance, generating revenue, controlling costs, planning for the future, and financial organizational issues.

RTRS 584. Management of Imaging Informatics. 3 Units.

Provides knowledge and understanding of the practical operational and managerial issues essential to the radiology information system (RIS) and the picture archiving and communication system (PACS) as they relate to the electronic health record system (EHRS). Covers basic RIS and PACS architecture concepts, needs assessment and procurement strategies, vendor selection and contract negotiation, workflow assessment and design, implementation and education, and quality assurance (QA) strategies to optimize patient care practices in a filmless environment.

RTRS 614. Professional Portfolio. 1 Unit.

An online course designed to assist students in developing a professional portfolio. Students incorporate evidence of personal growth and learning in a comprehensive electronic portfolio.

RTRS 615. Advances in Technology: Educational and Managerial Issues. 3 Units.

Student evaluates how the rapidly advancing technology in radiation sciences impacts the educational, managerial, and administrative realms. Student develops a project incorporating advancing technology to his/her specialty.

RTRS 621. Capstone Project I. 3 Units.

The first of a two-course, online sequence. Students explore a relevant topic of interest, develop a literature review of publishable quality, and examine professional publication avenues.

RTRS 622. Capstone Project II. 3 Units.

The second course in a two-course, online sequence. Students explore aspects of professional presentation delivery and incorporate their Capstone I project to develop a presentation of professional quality.