Department of Radiation Technology

The Department of Radiation Technology is made up of diverse specialties, where radiographers image body structures. They can specialize in CT, MRI, imaging informatics, mammography, nuclear medicine, sonography, or radiation therapy. While CT and MRI both produce cross-sectional images of the body, MRI utilizes a magnetic field rather than ionizing radiation. Nuclear medicine employs the nuclear properties of radioactive and stable nuclides to make diagnostic evaluations of the anatomic or physiologic conditions of the body. Sonography uses sound waves to image the human body. Radiation therapy employs medical use of ionizing radiation to treat cancer and control malignant cell growth. Professionals in these areas are able to communicate effectively, think critically, demonstrate professionalism by treating all persons with respect, assume responsibility and accountability for their actions, and adhere to the rules of confidentiality.


Laura L. Alipoon

Associate chairs

Michael F. Iorio

Timothy Seavey

Primary faculty

Laura L Alipoon

Brenda L. Boyd

Kathryn M. Cockrill

J. Robert Cruise II

Carol A. Davis

William J. Edmunds

Raynold Ho

Michael F. Iorio

Arthur W. Kroetz

Brigit C. Mendoza

Teresa R. Mosley

James Rippetoe

Timothy Seavey

Secondary faculty

Joseph Hewes

Reinhard W. Schulte

Clinical faculty

Ronda Adey

Irene M. Bielitz

David Gentry

Noriece R. Kisinger

Sara Leeds

Anh M. Ly

Enoch Montalban

Ruth Reyes-Padilla

Glenn A. Rouse

Shelia A. Wilson

Associated faculty

Noha S. Daher

Baldev Patyal