Pediatric Dentistry (PEDN)


PEDN 503. Pediatric Dental Seminar. 2 Units.

Selected clinical topics in pediatric dentistry. Requires repeated registrations to fulfill total units.

PEDN 508. Pediatric Hospital Dentistry Seminar. 2-4 Units.

Hospital protocol and the care of patients in a hospital environment.

PEDN 512. Oral Sedation Seminar. 2 Units.

Pharmacology, medical considerations, clinical applications, and protocols for oral sedation.

PEDN 521. Principles of Medicine and Physical Diagnosis. 2 Units.

Medical and physical diagnosis for the pediatric dental patient.

PEDN 524. Introduction to Orthodontics. 2 Units.

Diagnosis and treatment planning for clinical orthodontics.

PEDN 524L. Introduction to Orthodontics Laboratory. 1,2 Unit.

Fabrication of various orthodontic appliances.

PEDN 604. Pediatric Dental Literature. 2-12 Units.

Pediatric dental literature study, including literature found on the reading list of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Repeated registrations required to fulfill the total units.

PEDN 654. Practice Teaching for Pediatric Dentistry. 1-5 Units.

Student gains experience teaching pediatric dentistry in clinical and laboratory settings. Repeated registrations required to fulfill the total units.

PEDN 680. Elective Study for Advanced Education Students of Pediatric Dentistry. 1-10 Units.

Topics selected by students in the advanced education program in pediatric dentistry and by department faculty. Repeated registrations required to fulfill the total units.

PEDN 696. Scholarly Activity in Pediatric Dentistry. 1 Unit.

Selected didactic, clinical, and/or laboratory activity developed by the program director or a designated program faculty member. Primarily designed for residents to fulfill the certificate requirements for scholarly activity/research in pediatric dentistry. Multiple registrations may be needed to complete these activities.

PEDN 697A. Research. 1 Unit.

Student identifies a research project, prepares a protocol, and obtains approval for the protocol. Multiple registrations may be needed to complete these research activities.

PEDN 697B. Research. 1 Unit.

Conducting the actual research project, including the data collection. Multiple registrations may be needed to complete these research activities.

PEDN 697C. Research. 1 Unit.

Resident completes research project, holds a public presentation of research, and submits a publishable paper to his/her research guidance committee (RGC) for approval. Multiple registrations may be needed to complete the publishable paper.

PEDN 698. Thesis. 1-3 Units.

Required for M.S.-degree track.

PEDN 725. Pediatric Dental Clinic. 8 Units.

Clinical pediatric dental experience in both the outpatient and inpatient settings for patients with a variety of clinical needs and problems. Repeated registrations required to fulfill total units.

PEDN 753. Pediatric Dentistry I Lecture. 2 Units.

Prevention of dental disease (oral hygiene, diet, fluoride, pit and fissure sealants). Behavior management of the child dental patient. Diagnosis, treatment planning, and operative dentistry for children. Pediatric pulp therapy, oral surgery, dental arch-length management, and local anesthesia and sedation for children. Medical aspects of pediatric dentistry.

PEDN 753L. Pediatric Dentistry I Laboratory. 1 Unit.

Technique course to accompany PEDN 753. Students perform operative procedures for amalgam and composite resin on simulated primary and young permanent teeth. In addition, students perform pulpotomies on primary molar teeth and prepare primary teeth for stainless steel, open-faced stainless steel, and resin crowns. Unilateral and bilateral spece maintainers are fabricated.

PEDN 821. Pediatric Dentistry II. 1 Unit.

Traumatic injuries to the primary and young permanent teeth and oral soft tissues. Developmental and eruption patterns of primary and permanent teeth. Sports dentistry. Pediatric sedation techniques and monitoring. Oral habits of children. Child abuse.