Health Education and Wellness Coaching M.P.H. — On Campus, Online Comparison

Course TitleOn CampusOnline
Public Health Core
PCOR 501Public Health for Community Resilience5.05.0
PCOR 502Public Health for a Healthy Lifestyle5.05.0
PCOR 503Public Health and Health Systems5.05.0
Course TitleOn CampusOnline
HPRO 526Lifestyle Diseases and Risk Reduction3.03.0
HPRO 530Fundamentals of Research in Health Behavior and Health Education3.03.0
HPRO 535Health Education Administration and Leadership3.03.0
HPRO 538Health Education Program Development and Evaluation3.03.0
HPRO 539Policy and Issues in Health Education3.03.0
HPRO 541Wellness Coaching I3.03.0
HPRO 542Wellness Coaching II3.03.0
HPRO 573Exercise Physiology I3.03.0
HPRO 570Wellness Coaching Lab1.01.0
HPRO 589Qualitative Research Methods3.03.0
NUTR 529Health Aspects of Vegetarian Eating3.03.0
STAT 515Grant- and Contract-Proposal Writing3.03.0
HPRO 537ACommunity Programs Laboratory—A1, 32.0
HPRO 537BCommunity Programs Laboratory—B2, 31.0
HPRO 537CCommunity Programs Laboratory—C31.0
HPRO 595Community Project4.0
Course TitleOn CampusOnline
RELR 540Wholeness and Health3.03.0
Overall Totals56.056.0