Alumni Associations

School of Dentistry

Graduates of the School of Dentistry organized the Alumni Association in 1957. Membership is extended to those who have earned degrees at this school. Student membership is extended to students of the school.

Primary purposes of the association are to promote the interests of the school, to secure unity among alumni, to foster alumni attachment to the alma mater, to enlist members as continuing participants in the association and as active participants in Christian activities and interests, to aid members in attaining to the highest ethical and scientific standards in the practice of their profession, and to aid in general charitable and educational purposes. Major interests of the association include:

  1. Hosting the Alumni-Student Convention, including continuing education programs, class reunions, and spiritual events.
  2. Advancing the Century Club. Members include alumni and others of the dental profession who contribute a qualifying amount annually to promote and support interests of the alumni and the school.
  3. Preparing and distributing alumni and school news to faculty and staff members, students, donors, and alumni via the biannual LLUSD Articulator and continuous electronic media—such as, digital signage, social media, the Internet, and e-mail communications.
  4. Maintaining the online employment opportunities site where dentists and brokers can list practices for sale, associateships, and per diem positions. Students are regularly reminded to browse employment opportunities.

The School of Dentistry Alumni Association has made an ongoing commitment to students at the school by supporting a student loan fund and a scholarship endowment fund, both of which are administered by the University.

School of Medicine

Graduates of the School of Medicine organized their Alumni Association in 1915 when only two classes totaling 18 members had graduated. The organization has functioned continuously since that time. Membership is extended to alumni who have graduated with the Doctor of Medicine degree from this University and to graduates of the American Medical Missionary College, operated by Seventh-day Adventists in Battle Creek, Michigan, from l895 to 1910. Associate membership is extended to students of the School of Medicine, and affiliate membership is extended to faculty members who have earned degrees from other institutions. During the 1986-1987 school year, membership was extended to the basic science faculty.

Statement of mission and purpose

The Alumni Association of the School of Medicine of Loma Linda University is a nonprofit organization comprising both alumni and affiliate members. The association is organized to support the school, to promote excellence in worldwide health care, and to serve its members in the following ways:

  1. EDUCATION—To encourage continuing education among its members by organizing and offering graduate education and related programs at the Annual Postgraduate Convention and at other health-care seminars.
  2. COMMUNICATION—To publish newsworthy, factual information about alumni and developments at the School of Medicine in the alumni journal, in the annual directory, and in journals of organizations under the umbrella of the association.
  3. HEALTH CARE—To foster improved health care and preventive medicine throughout the world by conducting postgraduate seminars, demonstrations, and people-to-people, health-care interactions with Christian concern and compassion.
  4. PHILANTHROPY—To encourage the contribution of funds for the support of undergraduate and graduate education at the school—including funds for student loans, research, and professorial chair endowments; and funds to provide for improvement in the school's physical plant. To encourage donations of money, equipment, and supplies for educational centers and health-care facilities in areas of need worldwide.
  5. MEDICAL RESEARCH—To support medical research among faculty members and students of the school, thereby enhancing the association's ability to respond to the needs of its alumni and to advance medical knowledge.
  6. FRATERNITY—To promote and provide gatherings, in an atmosphere of Christian and professional friendship, that foster unity and advance the foregoing objectives.

School of Nursing

The Loma Linda University School of Nursing Alumni Association (LLUSNAA) has an office in West Hall. A board of officers and directors carries out the goals and ongoing activities of the association. New members are welcomed into the association at graduation. Associate membership may be extended to graduates of other accredited schools who are members of the profession in good standing and who share the interests, ideals, and purposes of the alumni association.


The purpose of the LLUSNAA is to foster alumni unity, mobilize their support, and assist in an organized fashion to encourage continued interest in and commitment to the programs of the School of Nursing. The association promotes the missions of the Seventh-day Adventist church, the School of Nursing, and the University. The goals of the association are to:

  1. Promote communication among alumni of the School of Nursing.
  2. Foster the advancement of education and science within the programs of the School of Nursing.
  3. Support alumni nurses in mission programs at home and abroad.