Psychology - Ph.D., Psy.D. Comparison

Course TitlePsyDPhD
Core Curriculum I: Foundations of Psychological Science
PSYC 524History, Systems, and Philosophy of Psychology2.02.0
PSYC 545Cognitive Foundations4.04.0
PSYC 551Psychobiological Foundations4.04.0
PSYC 564Foundations of Social and Cultural Psychology4.04.0
PSYC 575Foundations of Human Development4.04.0
PSYC 591Colloquia (one unit each year for three years) 3.03.0
Course TitlePsyDPhD
Core Curriculum II: Quantitative Psychology Research Methodology
PSYC 501Advanced Statistics I4.04.0
PSYC 502Advanced Statistics II4.04.0
PSYC 505Research Methods in Psychological Science4.04.0
PSYC 511Psychometric Foundations3.03.0
PSYC 503Advanced Multivariate Statistics (required only for M.A. or students pursuing the Ph.D.) 4.0
Course TitlePsyDPhD
Core Curriculum III: Wholeness
PSYC 526Ethics and Legal Issues in Clinical Psychology3.03.0
PSYC 554Health Psychology4.04.0
PSYC 567Human Diversity3.03.0
RELE 5__ Graduate-level ethics3.03.0
RELR 540Wholeness and Health3.03.0
RELT 530Spirituality and Clinical Psychology3.03.0
Course TitlePsyDPhD
Clinical Psychology: General
PSYC 555Psychopharmacology2.02.0
PSYC 571Adult Psychopathology4.04.0
PSYC 681Clinical Supervision and Consultation2.02.0
PSYC 681LClinical Supervision and Consultation Laboratory1.0
PSYC 683Management and Professional Practice1.0
Course TitlePsyDPhD
Psychological Assessment
PSYC 512Cognitive/Intellectual Assessment2.02.0
PSYC 512LCognitive/Intellectual Practice Laboratory1.01.0
PSYC 513Objective Personality Assessment2.02.0
PSYC 513LObjective Personality Practice Laboratory1.01.0
PSYC 516Neuropsychological Assessment2.02.0
PSYC 516LNeuropsychological Assessment Practice Laboratory1.01.0
Course TitlePsyDPhD
Psychological Treatment
PSYC 581Evidence-Based Psychological Practice I2.02.0
PSYC 581LEvidence-Based Psychological Practice I1.01.0
PSYC 582Evidence-Based Psychological Practice II2.02.0
PSYC 582LEvidence-Based Psychological Practice II1.01.0
PSYC 583Evidence-Based Psychological Practice III2.02.0
PSYC 583LEvidence-Based Psychological Practice III1.01.0
PSYC 584Evidence-Based Psychological Practice IV2.02.0
PSYC 584LEvidence-Based Psychological Practice IV1.01.0
Course TitlePsyDPhD
Other options available for Psy.D. electives319.0
Cultural Psychology
Advanced Topics in Multivariate Analyses
Human Sexual Behavior and Treatment
Drug Addiction and Therapy
Child, Partner, and Elder Abuse
Other options available for Ph.D. electives318.0
Cultural Psychology
Advanced Topics in Multivariate Analyses
Clinical Supervision and Consultation Laboratory
Management and Professional Practice
Human Sexual Behavior and Treatment
Drug Addiction and Therapy
Child, Partner, and Elder Abuse
Directed Clinical Experience
Course TitlePsyDPhD
PSYC 696Psy.D. Doctoral Research (1-8) 16.0
PSYC 697Doctoral Research (1-4) 51.0
Overall Totals121.0157.0
Course TitlePsyDPhD
Clinical practice
PSYC 721Practicum Preparation I43.03.0
PSYC 781Internal Practicum (2) 48.08.0
PSYC 782External Practicum (4) 416.016.0
PSYC 798Pre-Internship (4) 416.016.0
PSYC 799BInternship (10 units per quarter, total 40 units [2000 hours]) 440.040.0