Department of Health Informatics, Information Management, and Administration

The Department of Health Informatics, Information Management and Administration  (HIIMA) offers broad-based educational programs related to leadership, informatics, information management and administration.  Professionals in these domains strive to improve patient experiences with respect to quality and satisfaction, the health of populations, and the per capita costs of health care.  Graduates possess the necessary leadership skills to ensure a competent workforce in the health-care industry. 


Debra L. Hamada

Primary faculty

Pauline J. Calla

Lida Gharibvand

Debra L.Hamada

Terri L. Rouse

Ryan Stephan

Braden Tabisula

Karla G. Lavin Williams

Gina Vyskocil

Clinical faculty

Kimberly A. Alcaraz

Jere E. Crispens

Marilyn Davidian

Laura Evans

Jennifer Guerrero

Melanie Hanson

D.P. Harris

Audrey J. Shaffer

Brenda Taylor

David Wren

Mark E. Zirkelbach