Neurology (NEUR)


NEUR 599. Directed Elective Study. 1.5-12 Units.

NEUR 701. Neurology Clerkship. 1.5-6 Units.

Develops in students the skills necessary to competently evaluate, document, localize, diagnose, and discuss treatment of adult patients who have neurological symptoms. Teaches students about inpatient neurologic emergencies, as well as chronic outpatient neurologic conditions. Exposes students to two weeks of inpatient neurology during which skills in the evaluation and treatment of acute stroke are developed; as well as two weeks of outpatient neurology during which students rotate through clinic areas that include headache, movement disorders, neuropathy, epilepsy, rehabilitation, EMG, and EEG. Incorporates bedside teaching, formal lectures, online learning activities, neurology grand rounds at LLUMC, clinical case conferences at VAMC, teaching conferences, web resources, and case studies that cover the core knowledge required in neurology. Includes a patient simulation OSCE during which the student is formally evaluated and provided with immediate feedback.

NEUR 891. Neurology Elective. 1.5-27 Units.

Offers fourth-year medical students the opportunity to explore various areas of neurology, including research.