International Dentist Program/Oral Pathology (IDPO)


IDPO 534. Oral Medicine: Orofacial Pain and TMD. 2 Units.

Differential diagnosis of orofacial and temporomandibular joint pain, including basic guidelines for initial therapy. Utilizes TMD patient cases for group and class discussions. Introduces diagnosis and treatment of neuropathic pain and headaches. Case presentations focus on nonodontogenic pain that presents as toothache and/or gingival pain. Offered Winter Quarter of odd-numbered years for IDP3 and IDP4 students.

IDPO 535. Oral Pathology and Diagnosis. 3 Units.

Graduate-level survey of pathology. Studies developmental, infectious, immunologic, neoplastic, and metabolic disorders of the head and neck. Includes epidemiology, etiology, clinical and/or radiographic features, microscopic features, and management of disease. Emphasizes differential diagnosis and management of dental lesions.

IDPO 720. Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology for the IDP Program. 2 Units.

Emphasizes the integral role played by the radiographic examination in the diagnostic process in dentistry, in conjunction with the clinical examination. Reinforces the basic principles of oral and maxillofacial radiology.

IDPO 723. Patient Assessment and Data Management I. 2 Units.

Introduces students to all portions of the comprehensive oral evaluation—including medical/dental history interview, patient examination, and data management. Introduces and uses the problem-orientated record in diagnosis and treatment planning. Includes supervised clinical experience with fellow students as patients. Student provides a comprehensive oral evaluation of a classmate, which provides the basis for a comprehensive treatment plan.

IDPO 725. Patient Assessment and Data Management II. 2 Units.

Builds on IDPO 723 by continuing physical evaluation, data collection, and the problem-oriented dental record. Supervised clinical experience with fellow students as "patients." Student develops a treatment plan and presents it to the patient. Continued computer-based treatment plan management.

IDPO 726. Patient Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. 2 Units.

Discusses treatment options in treatment planning, with case-based treatment planning exercises. Introduces computer-based treatment plan management.

IDPO 728. Patient Diagnosis and Treatment Planning II. 2 Units.

Additional concepts of diagnosis and treatment planning, treatment plan presentation, and patient consent. Indications and processes for limited and periodic evaluations. Case-based, small-group treatment planning exercises.

IDPO 821. Clinical Management of the Older Adult. 1 Unit.

Instruction in the multidisciplinary medical and dental assessment and management of older adults. Includes clinical experience in a multidisciplinary team setting.

IDPO 826. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 2 Units.

Reviews oral and maxillofacial surgery—including medical history pharmacology, instrumentation, procedures, dental emergencies, and complications. Includes a laboratory component.

IDPO 827. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 2 Units.

Sequential course following IDPO 826. Reviews oral and maxillofacial surgery—including preprosthetic surgery, dental alveolar surgery, implant surgery, oral trauma, maxillofacial trauma, and preoperative infections. Reviews medications in the treatment of dentally related diseases and their potential interaction with total patient care. Emphasizes local anesthesia and nitrous oxide theory and technique. Includes clinical partner practice in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide.