Primary-Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Concentration

The primary care pediatric nurse practitioner clinical option prepares the nurse for a leadership role in the health-care system. Clinical and theoretical content focuses systems thinking, evidence-based practice, and translational research as related to the primary health-care needs of children from birth through adolescence in consultation and collaboration with primary care physicians and other health-care providers. The curriculum includes 600 hours of clinical practice in the advanced practice role and 510 practicum hours for the D.N.P. role. The curriculum prepares the student to be certified as a pediatric nurse practitioner by the State of California and by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.

CoreTheoryClinicalTotal Units
NGRD 650Advanced Role Development and Collaboration14.0404.0
NGRD 651Theoretical Foundations for Evidence-Based Practice14.0404.0
NGRD 652Health-Care Systems Leadership14.0404.0
NGRD 653Health Systems Policy Development and Advocacy14.0404.0
NGRD 654Social Determinants of Health4.0404.0
NGRD 655Health Systems Finance4.0404.0
NGRD 656Outcomes Assessment for Strategic Planning4.0404.0
NGRD 657Intermediate Statistics for Translational Nursing Research14.0404.0
NGRD 658Translational Research for Advanced Practice14.0404.0
NGRD 659AWriting for Publication I1.0101.0
NGRD 659BWriting for Publication II1.0101.0
NGRD 659CWriting for Publication III2.0202.0
RELE 564Ethics and Health Disparities13.0303.0
RELR 525Health Care and the Dynamics of Christian Leadership3.0303.0
RELT 557Theology of Human Suffering3.0303.0
NGRD 621Pharmacology in Advanced Practice I12.0202.0
NGRD 622Pharmacology in Advanced Practice II13.0303.0
NGRD 624Advanced Health Assessment13.0301.0304.0
NGRD 625Advanced Clinical Pathophysiology14.0404.0
NGRD 531Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner I13.0301.0304.0
NGRD 532Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner II13.0303.0906.0
NGRD 533Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner III13.0303.0906.0
NGRD 534Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner IV13.0303.0906.0
NGRD 535Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner V13.0303.0906.0
NGRD 536Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner VI: Practicum11.0106.01807.0
NGRD 539Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: Skills Lab11.0301.0
D.N.P. Project
NGRD 667DNP Proposal Development2.0201.0303.0
NGRD 669ADNP Practice Inquiry Project I4.01204.0
NGRD 669BDNP Practice Inquiry Project II4.01204.0
NGRD 669CDNP Practice Inquiry Project III2.0602.0
NGRD 669DDNP Practice Inquiry Project IV2.0602.0
NGRD 669EDNP Practice Inquiry Project V2.0602.0
NGRD 669FDNP Practice Inquiry Project VI2.0602.0
Overall Totals79.079038.01140117.0
Required for M.S. degree onlyTheoryClinicalTotal Units
NGRD 610Master's Comprehensive Project12.0802.0

 Required for M.S. degree

Normal time to complete the program

3 years (11 academic quarters) based on less than full-time enrollment