Loma Linda University

Catalog of Loma Linda University


This is a one-year CATALOG, effective beginning Summer Quarter 2018.

Volume 109, Number 1, July 2019

Published once a year, July 2019

Loma Linda, CA 92350
UPSPS 0-74-440

Legal Notice

This CATALOG is the definitive statement of Loma Linda University on the requirements for admission, enrollment, curriculum, and graduation. The University reserves the right to change the requirements and policies set forth in this CATALOG at any time upon reasonable notice. In the event of conflict between the statements of this CATALOG and any other statements by faculty or administration, the provisions of this CATALOG shall control, unless express notice is given that the CATALOG is being modified.

The information in this CATALOG is made as accurate as is possible at the time of publication. Students are responsible for informing themselves of and satisfactorily meeting all requirements pertinent to their relationship with the University. The University reserves the right to make such changes as circumstances demand with reference to admission, registration, tuition and fees, attendance, curriculum requirements, conduct, academic standing, candidacy, and graduation.

This CATALOG contains the operating policy statements for Loma Linda University's educational programs. Any deviation from these policies must be approved by University administration.