Nursing — RN to B.S.

The Admissions Committee is looking for individuals who reflect a high degree of personal integrity, dependability, self-discipline, intellectual vigor, and a caring and thoughtful manner.

Application deadlines

Applicants seeking undergraduate admission must have the application process completed by the dates as follow.

  • Autumn Quarter—March 15
  • Winter Quarter—August 1
  • Spring Quarter—November 1

In addition to Loma Linda University admission requirements, the applicant must also meet the following requirements:

  1. Registered nurse (RN).
  2. No grades below a C submitted for transfer.
  3. Complete an interview with the RN-B.S. representative.
  4. Completed an Associate in Science degree or diploma from an accredited school of nursing.
  5. Have a license to practice nursing in California as a registered nurse.
  6. Completed all non-nursing requirements or their equivalents on the lower division level.
  7. Completed the following course prerequisites:
Domain 1: Religion and humanities (28 quarter units)28
Religion: 1
Prorated, based on units taken at a Seventh-day Adventist college or university. (See University Division of General Studies for religion and humanities specifics.) Total units required are based on the percentage of course work from an SDA college/university. Students are required to take at least one course from the content area of RELE and one from RELT.
Minimum of 12 units and must include at least three of the following areas: civilization/history, fine arts, literature, modern language, philosophy, or performing/visual arts (not to exceed 4 quarter units)
Domain 2: Scientific inquiry and analysis (29 quarter units)
Natural Sciences (17 units minimum):
Human anatomy and physiology with laboratory, complete sequence8
Introduction to chemistry with laboratory, one quarter/semester4
Basic medical microbiology with laboratory5
Social Sciences (12 units minimum):
Sociology or Anthropology4
General psychology4
Developmental psychology (life span development)4
Domain 3: Communication (12 quarter units)
English composition, complete sequence9
Domain 4: Health and wellness (2-4 quarter units)
Physical education (two separate physical activity courses) R
Nutrition (may be embedded in nursing content courses) 2
Domain 5: Electives
To meet total GE requirements and total degree requirements of 185 quarter units.

If the RN is a graduate of an accredited nursing program, the nursing credits will be accepted as equivalent to the School of Nursing lower division courses. For unaccredited schools, or for additional information regarding transfer credit, see section on Transfer Credit under Academic Policies. Credit for 300-level nursing courses will be granted upon satisfactory completion of NRSG 337 Strategies for Professional Transition and NRSG 407 Complex Nursing Concepts of Health and Disease.

NRSG 324Nursing Informatics and Evidence-Based Practice3
NRSG 337Strategies for Professional Transition4
NRSG 376Introduction to Applied Biostatistics for Nurses4
NRSG 404Introduction to Epidemiology for Nursing3
NRSG 407Complex Nursing Concepts of Health and Disease6
NRSG 414Management and Leadership for the Registered Nurse5
NRSG 424Professional RN Capstone7
NRSG 426Public Health Nursing for Working RNs4
NRSG 426LPublic Health Nursing Clinical Laboratory for the Working RN 13
or NRSG 434 Public Health Nursing Laboratory for the Working RN
NRSG 428Health Promotion for RNs4
NRSG 429Nursing Research3
Cognates 2
RELE/RELR ___ Religion elective(s)3-4
Select one course from the following:2-3
Adventist Beliefs and Life (3)
Loma Linda Perspectives (2)
Adventist Heritage and Health (2)
Current Issues in Adventism (2)
Total Units52

Total unit requirement for graduation is 185 quarter units (transfer units plus above-listed courses).

Normal time to complete the program

Four (4) years — 1.33 years (four [4] academic quarters) at LLU — based on full-time enrollment; part time permitted