Nurse Educator: Obstetrics–Pediatrics Concentration

The nurse educator obstetrics-pediatrics concentration prepares nurses for an educator role in either the academic or clinical setting, with a focus on the care of the child from birth through adolescence.

NGRD 651Theoretical Foundations for Evidence-Based Practice4
NGRD 653Health Systems Policy Development and Advocacy4
NGRD 657Intermediate Statistics4
NGRD 658Nursing Research and Translational Science4
RELE 524Bioethics and Society 13
AHCJ 506Educational Evaluation and Clinical Assessment 23
or NGRD 602 Assessment of Learning Outcomes
NGRD 561Pediatrics: CNS I4
NGRD 562Pediatrics: CNS II4
NGRD 600Teaching and Learning Theory3
NGRD 601Curriculum Development in Higher Education3
NGRD 603Educational Leadership2
NGRD 621Pharmacology in Advanced Practice I2
NGRD 622Pharmacology in Advanced Practice II3
NGRD 624Advanced Health Assessment4
NGRD 625Advanced Clinical Pathophysiology4
NGRD 604Teaching Practicum3
NGRD 605Clinical Practicum: Nurse Educator3
NGRD 610Master's Comprehensive Project2
Thesis (optional)
Master's Thesis (1-5 units) 3
Total Units59

Normal time to complete the program

Three (3) years (11 academic quarters) based on less than full-time enrollment.