The nurse anesthesia concentration is designed to educate critical care registered nurses in the nurse anesthetist role across the life span. Upon completion, graduates are able to exercise advanced levels of clinical judgment, systems thinking, and expanded responsibility, as well as become accountable for planning, implementing, and evaluating evidence-based strategies. Graduates are awarded a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and are eligible to sit for the National Certification Examination of the National Board on Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists.

CodeTitleClock HoursTotal Units
NGRD 651Theoretical Foundations for Evidence-Based Practice40404.0
NGRD 652Health-Care Systems Leadership40404.0
NGRD 653Health Systems Policy Development and Advocacy40404.0
NGRD 654Social Determinants of Health140404.0
NGRD 655Health Systems Finance40404.0
NGRD 656Outcomes Assessment for Strategic Planning40404.0
NGRD 657Intermediate Statistics40404.0
NGRD 658Nursing Research and Translational Science40404.0
NGRD 659Professional Writing for Nurse Leaders40404.0
RELE 564Ethics and Health Disparities30303.0
RELR 525Health Care and the Dynamics of Christian Leadership30303.0
RELT 557Theology of Human Suffering30303.0
NGNA 571Advanced Role for the Nurse Anesthetist I20202.0
NGNA 572Advanced Role for the Nurse Anesthetist II20202.0
NGNA 573Scientific Foundations of Nurse Anesthesia Practice40404.0
NGNA 574Anesthesia Equipment and Technology20202.0
NGNA 575Advanced Clinical Anatomy for the Nurse Anesthetist I1030402.0
NGNA 576Advanced Clinical Anatomy for the Nurse Anesthetist II1030402.0
NGNA 577Advanced Physiology for the Nurse Anesthetist40404.0
NGNA 578Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology for the Nurse Anesthetist I40404.0
NGNA 579Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology for the Nurse Anesthetist II40404.0
NGNA 580Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Anesthetists3030604.0
NGNA 581Advanced Pharmacology for the Nurse Anesthetist I60606.0
NGNA 582Advanced Pharmacology for the Nurse Anesthetist II20202.0
NGNA 583Advanced Pharmacology for the Nurse Anesthetist III20202.0
NGNA 584Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice I3030604.0
NGNA 585Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice II3030604.0
NGNA 586Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice III40404.0
NGNA 587Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice IV40404.0
NGNA 591Clinical Practicum I2002002.0
NGNA 592Clinical Practicum II2002002.0
NGNA 593Clinical Practicum III2002002.0
NGNA 594Clinical Practicum IV2002002.0
NGNA 595Clinical Practicum V4004004.0
NGNA 596Clinical Practicum VI4004004.0
NGNA 597Clinical Practicum VII4004004.0
NGNA 598Clinical Practicum VIII4004004.0
NGNA 599Clinical Practicum IX4004004.0
DNP Project
NGRD 667Introduction to the Doctor of Nursing Practice Inquiry Proposal Project2040603.0
NGRD 669ADNP Practice Inquiry Project1201204.0
NGRD 669BDNP Practice Inquiry Project1201204.0
NGRD 669CDNP Practice Inquiry Project80802.0
NGRD 669DDNP Practice Inquiry Project60602.0
NGRD 669EDNP Practice Inquiry Project60602.0
NGRD 669FDNP Practice Inquiry Project60602.0
Total Units98019033004470148

Fulfills service learning requirement

Normal time to complete the program

Thirty-nine (39) months (14 academic quarters)—based on full-time enrollment.