The Department of Psychology offers a combination of innovative training opportunities in clinical psychology. Both the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in clinical psychology are APA-accredited.

Mission statement

The mission and motto of Loma Linda University and Loma Linda University Medical Center are "to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ to make man whole.” This mission and motto, combined with the University’s values of compassion, integrity, excellence, freedom, justice, purity, and humility are central to the Department of Psychology and its programs. The department seeks to advance the institutional mission, both nationally and internationally, through academic, research, and practice activities related to behavioral health.

Loma Linda University Health is part of a worldwide network of health-care systems, and is uniquely connected and poised to participate globally through its numerous clinics, hospitals, health-care facilities, and educational institutions throughout the world. This globalized health-care orientation provides expanded training opportunities for students who have a passion for a broader life experience in assisting with the health-care needs of diverse peoples both nationally and internationally.

Academic writing support

Students who need assistance can contact their program director to arrange for individual support.

Psychology M.A. degree eligibility

As part of the overall doctoral program, a master's degree in psychology—based on the successful completion of coursework for the degree—is available for students enrolled in the Ph.D. or Psy.D. degree program. Eligibility for the M.A. degree requires student to complete 52 units of coursework and to formally apply, by submitting the required forms, for the degree. The Department of Psychology does not admit students to an M.A.-only degree program. The M.A. degree is not formally awarded at commencement and students do not participate in graduation exercises.

A complete list of part-time and voluntary faculty can be viewed on the department website:


David A. Vermeersch

Primary faculty

Hector M. Betancourt

Maya M. Boustani

Kendal C. Boyd

Colleen A. Brenner

Patricia Flynn

Richard E. Hartman

Grace J. Lee

Holly E.R. Morrell

Aarti R. Nair

Cameron L. Neece

Bridgette Peteet

Tori R. Van Dyk

David A. Vermeersch

Secondary and adjunct faculty

Adam L. Arechiga

Richelin Dye

Helen Hopp Marshak

Kelly R. Morton

Jason E. Owen

Emeritus faculty

Louis E. Jenkins

Janet Sonne

Alvin J. Straatmeyer

Emeritus associated faculty

Jerry W. Lee