NGPH 508. Critical Care Nursing. 8 Units.

Focuses on advanced concepts of nursing care as they relate to critically ill patients. Emphasizes time management and organizational skills while managing the care of patients' multiple needs and collaborating with the interdisciplinary team. Integrates complex clinical skills as well as priority-setting, clinical judgment, and tenets of legal and ethical practice throughout the course.
Prerequisite: NRSG 303.

NGPH 600. Population and Community-Based Nursing. 3 Units.

Prepares students to focus on significant health issues and work as a partner with an identified population to improve the health outcomes of the community within the core public health functions of assessment, assurance, and policy development. Emphasizes awareness of the social determinants of health that influence population health outcomes, with special consideration given to vulnerable groups.
Prerequisite: All undergraduate prelicensure RN corequisite courses.
Corequisite: NGPH 604.

NGPH 604. Population and Community Health Practicum. 3 Units.

Focuses on clinical implementation of population health concepts to improve the health outcomes of the community. Includes synthesis of social determinants of health that influence population health outcomes.
Prerequisite or concurrent*: NGPH 600.

NGPH 610. Leadership and Nursing Review. 4 Units.

Applies leadership theories and organizational models to complex professional and systems issues addressed by the MS-prepared nurse. Emphasizes the development of leadership competencies for quality and ethical health care in various populations. Includes a review of material learned throughout the curriculum.
Prerequisite: NGPH 508.