IDMT 521. Instructional Design I. 3 Units.

Examines adult instructional theories and teaching approaches to increase student learning outcome success. Exposes students to latest instructional resources, techniques, and technology. Emphasizes communication during the design process and use of instructional theories and tools to communicate course content effectively.

IDMT 522. Instructional Design II. 3 Units.

Develops and applies strategies for instructional theory utilizing media, including making rational choices regarding technology and communication.

IDMT 531. Host Systems and Authoring I. 3 Units.

Provides a working knowledge of various online educational systems, as well as the basic approaches to and differences in creating courses within those systems. Not a programming course.

IDMT 541. Digital Media Production I. 3 Units.

Introduces students to the production process basics (editing, graphics, and animation) needed to create effective instructional modules. Students shoot, edit, and deliver a completed DVD and upload to the web a digital file of a completed instructional module. Along with hands-on learning of the entire process, students explore key concepts relating to visual learning and how to create and communicate effectively with visual images.

IDMT 542. Digital Media Production II. 3 Units.

Explores advanced production techniques (editing, graphics, and animation), emphasizing the production of an instructional video. Introduces shooting and editing techniques unique to creating interactive, instructional media. Students produce an online instructional video and an interactive educational module for a tablet.
Prerequisite: IDMT 541.

IDMT 561. Graphics I. 3 Units.

Introduces students to Adobe Photoshop and exposes them to advanced graphic capabilities of editing software packages. Emphasizes exploration of layout techniques that maximize educational effectiveness.
Prerequisite: IDMT 521, IDMT 541, IDMT 542.

IDMT 564. Motion Graphics I. 3 Units.

An Adobe After Effects introductory course. Students become proficient with the software, research various characteristics of visual learning, and create simple interactive motion graphics that can be included in an interactive educational module.
Prerequisite: IDMT 521, IDMT 522, IDMT 541, IDMT 542.

IDMT 571. Animation I. 3 Units.

Introduces students to 2D and 3D animation software packages. Emphasizes proper animation techniques as specific software packages are learned. Students research existing education-focused animations.

IDMT 581. Instructional Design and Media Technology Internship I. 3 Units.

The first of two required internships that provides opportunity for students to work for a short time in areas that will provide practical experience. Encourages students to seek opportunities that emphasize the creative side of media production.
Prerequisite: IDMT 521, IDMT 522, IDMT 541, IDMT 542.

IDMT 582. Instructional Design and Media Technology Internship II. 3 Units.

The second of two required internships. Encourages students to seek opportunities that specifically provide experience creating digital courses or working with community partners.
Prerequisite: IDMT 521, IDMT 522, IDMT 541, IDMT 542, IDMT 581 and one IDMT elective.