ANDN 314. Dental Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia and Inhalation Sedation. 4 Units.

A philosophy of patient management, including use of local anesthetics and nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation, as well as the physiological and psychological aspects of pain and anxiety. Covers the history of anesthesia, patient evaluation, pharmacology armamentarium and complications regarding use of these agents, and management of office emergencies. Students practice local anesthetic injections and administer nitrous oxide/oxygen to each other.

ANDN 521. Principles of Medicine, Physical Diagnosis, and Hospital Protocol. 1 Unit.

Studies methods recognizing normal and abnormal physical conditions. Reviews organ systems to expand the dentist's general medical knowledge. Specific topics reviewed include blood diseases, systemic diseases, cardiac disease, patient admission, physical examination, and hospital charting. Repeated registrations required to fulfill total units.

ANDN 547. Anesthesia Grand Rounds. 1 Unit.

Weekly meeting of the Department of Dental Anesthesiology featuring guest lecturers who present a variety of current topics in anesthesiology. One session per month designated as the Mortality and Morbidity Conference.

ANDN 549. Contemporary Anesthesia. 1 Unit.

Presents current concepts, practice, and controversies in general anesthesia. Reviews textbook chapters on a weekly basis during the Fall and Winter quarters.

ANDN 604. Anesthesia Literature Review. 1 Unit.

Weekly session reviews current anesthesia literature.

ANDN 652. Introduction to General Anesthesia. 1 Unit.

Focuses on rapid acquisition of basic knowledge of the important elements of general anesthesia by new anesthesia residents in their first month of training.

ANDN 654. Practice Teaching in Anesthesia 1. 1 Unit.

Provides opportunity for second-year residents to participate in teaching anesthesia-related topics to first-year residents.

ANDN 674. Crisis Management in Anesthesia. 0.5 Units.

Provides opportunity for residents to respond to simulated anesthesia challenges and complications as their anesthesia knowledge and skills are developed. Offered at the LLU simulation center each quarter over the 24-month program.

ANDN 697A. Research. 1 Unit.

Student identifies a research project, prepares a protocol, and obtains approval for the protocol. Multiple registrations may be needed to complete these research activities.

ANDN 697B. Research. 1 Unit.

Student participates in ongoing research or original projects, collects and analyzes data, and writes a report of findings. Multiple registrations may be needed to complete research activities.

ANDN 697C. Research. 1 Unit.

Resident completes research project, holds a public presentation of research, and submits a publishable paper to their research guidance committee (RGC) for approval. Multiple registrations may be needed to complete the publishable paper.

ANDN 746. General Anesthesia. 10 Units.

Administration of general anesthesia and regional block anesthesia to a variety of medical and dental patients in the operating room, under the supervision of attending anesthesiologists. A minimum of 300 clock hours per quarter (8 quarters) required to fulfill total units.

ANDN 801. Dental Anesthesia: Advanced Topics. 2 Units.

Theory of general anesthesia. Hospital dentistry, patient evaluation, medical consultations. Reviews local anesthesia and introduces additional techniques of pain and anxiety control.