PEDS 599. Pediatrics Directed Study. 1.5-18 Units.

PEDS 701. Pediatrics Clerkship. 1.5-12 Units.

Provides core knowledge, skills, and attitudes unique to pediatricians. Includes skills of communication and examination of pediatric patients. Emphasizes principles of health supervision, including growth, development, routine health maintenance, and recognition and treatment of illnesses and conditions commonly affecting patients from infancy through adolescence.

PEDS 821. Pediatrics Subinternship. 1.5-6 Units.

Experience in independently collecting patient histories, performing physical examinations, and formulating differential and primary diagnoses. Includes: identifying the reason for admission, selection of diagnostic testing based on the chief complaint, providing a family-centered approach to patient care, and identifying the need for immediate supervising physician involvement.

PEDS 822. Pediatrics Intensive Care. 1.5-6 Units.

Addresses history taking in patients who are critically ill or unable to communicate, recognition of relevant physical examination findings, management of critically ill patients, interactions with family members, documentation of the admission H&P or daily progress notes, and preparation of orders. Presents criteria for continued ICU admission or transfer.

PEDS 891. Pediatrics Elective. 1.5-27 Units.

Offers fourth-year medical students the opportunity to explore various areas of pediatrics, including but not limited to inpatient and outpatient care, endocrinology, rheumatology, neurology, oncology, and research.