PRVM 517. Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine. 4 Units.

Provides students with a broad foundation in epidemiology and biostatistics skills as it contributes to the organ system curriculum in the second year. Students formulate effective and evidence-based preventive medicine strategies in preparation for treating individual patients and communities. Utilizes a combination of lecture, case-based learning, online self-directed modules, and active learning modules to teach current preventive medicine approaches.

PRVM 791. Applied Preventive Medicine. 2 Units.

Longitudinally integrated course. Improves students' ability to identify and apply key concepts in preventive medicine and public health through practical application to patient cases, specifically focusing on literature analysis, preventive services selection, and motivational interviewing. Submitted work included in a portfolio that demonstrates growth in the discipline.

PRVM 891. Preventive Medicine Elective. 1.5-27 Units.

Offers fourth-year medical students the opportunity to explore various aspects of preventive medicine and public health, including nutrition, mission opportunities, functional medicine, lifestyle medicine, and research.