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Certificate in Denominational Studies for Chaplains is not currently accepting applications.

The fully online Denominational Studies for Chaplains Program is designed for practicing chaplains who lack academic coursework in Adventist doctrine, and who desire endorsement from the Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM) department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. This certificate will satisfy the denominational studies requirement.

The development of this certificate has been a collaborative effort between Loma Linda University and Loma Linda University Medical Center Chaplains Department, in consultation with ACM.

This certificate is a response to the stated need of ACM for denominational education that includes the following four areas:

  1. Seventh-day Adventist history and heritage.
  2. Seventh-day Adventist doctrines, beliefs, and practices.
  3. Seventh-day Adventist perspectives on Daniel and Revelation, and how they inform the issues of suffering and pain.
  4. Seventh-day Adventist health, wellness, and lifestyle issues.

Teaching methodology

The educational model designed for this academic certificate will be through distance learning online modalities that use Canvas as its learning management system (LMS).

This certificate is a two-year program in which all courses and learning occur via the learning management system (LMS). The learning activities for each course facilitate opportunities for personal growth via the online, class-driven learning activities. Students can begin the program in any given quarter and are expected to follow the course requirements as they are offered, one per quarter in a continual sequence. The program includes an individual report, preparation and presentation of a portfolio, and an exit interview—all conducted via the LMS and facilitated via video conference communication technology.

Program learning outcomes and performance

By the end of this program, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Explain Adventist theological uniqueness and the biblical foundations of its doctrines.
  2. Demonstrate competent use of Scriptures.
  3. Explain Christian theology and history, with specific attention to Seventh-day Adventist life and thought.
  4. Integrate Adventist doctrines into their ministry and as a representative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  5. Synthesize individual Adventist versions of philosophies of ministry within the health-care setting.

Transfer credits

No transfer units are accepted for the Denominational Studies for Chaplains Program.

Certificate in Denominational Studies for Chaplains is not currently accepting applications.

In addition to Loma Linda University and School of Religion admissions requirements, the applicants to the Denominational Studies for Chaplains Program are expected to present/complete:

  1. A college baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
  2. A minimum overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.00. A provisional acceptance for eight units will be granted to those with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5. In order to change their status to regular standing, students will be required to earn a 3.00 grade point average for these eight units.
  3. Documentation of having been a chaplain and received a recommendation from ACM.
  4. Two recommendations (one professional/ministerial and one from a former professor or academic advisor).
  5. Statement of research interest and sample paper.

In order to receive the certificate in denominational studies for chaplains from Loma Linda University, a student must complete all courses listed below, with an overall grade point average of B (3.0) or higher, with no grade lower than a B- (2.7). No electives are offered. 

RELR 540Wholeness and Health3
RELR 541History of Seventh-day Adventist Chaplaincy and Healthcare Policy Making4
RELT 500Biblical Hermeneutics3
RELR 595Independent Study in Chaplaincy1
RELT 504Daniel and the Prophetic Tradition3
RELT 505Seventh-day Adventist History3
RELT 506Seventh-day Adventist Beliefs3
RELT 507The Saga of Adventists and Healthcare: Cornflakes, Baby Fae, and the Healing of the Nations3
RELT 565Vision of Healing: The Message of the Book of Revelation3
Total Units26

Normal time to complete the program

Two (2) years (eight [8] academic quarters) — based on less than half-time enrollment