RELG 504. Research Methods in Religious Studies. 4 Units.

Studies presuppositions and procedures for scholarship in religion and ethics, with an introduction to research in the natural and behavioral sciences. Practical themes include writing, library and Internet resources, and forms of scholarly papers and articles.

RELG 505. Qualitative Research in Religious Studies. 3 Units.

Considers the various qualitative methods used in examining the relationships between religion and the health of individuals and populations. Provides an overview of methods while focusing primarily on grounded theory methods. Students required to conduct their own research and/or be involved in a research project as a component of this course.

RELG 510. Christian Service. 1,2 Unit.

Student participates in approved service learning, with written reflection on Christian reasons for service. Additional service project and reflection required for second unit.

RELG 596. Dissertation Proposal. 1 Unit.

Development of the dissertation proposal. Research advisor works with students in developing the proposal in accord with the School of Religion and Faculty of Graduate Studies guidelines. Students must successfully defend the proposal relating to religion and health.

RELG 674. Reading Tutorial. 3,4 Units.

Reading course for graduate students in religious studies. Topics vary depending on student and instructor interests.

RELG 696. Project. 3,4 Units.

Arranges for advanced students to complete individualized study under the guidance of a program faculty member. May include preparation of publishable papers or other special projects.

RELG 697. Independent Research. 1-8 Units.

Individual arrangements for students to do research under the guidance of faculty member(s). Written report required. Minimum of forty hours required for each unit of credit.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and of student's advisor.

RELG 698. Thesis. 1-4 Units.

Student prepares report of individual guided research in religion-related topic under direct faculty supervision. Minimum of forty hours required for each unit of credit. Limited to graduate students whose thesis projects have been approved by their research committee.

RELG 699. Dissertation Research. 1-6 Units.

Independent research contributing to the field of religion and health. Repeat registrations as needed until unit requirement has been met and/or dissertation has been defended, whichever is later.

RELG 795. Clinical Internship. 12 Units.

Supervised clinical internship. Minimum of one hour of individual supervision per week, and a final evaluation from the supervisor at the completion of 400 hours of clinical internship.