First Year
Summer QuarterUnits
RTSI 352Angio/Interventional Procedures II3
RTSI 359Vascular Imaging Review1
RTCH 456Cardiac Interventional Clinical Affiliation3
RTCH 457Vascular Interventional Clinical Affiliation3
Autumn Quarter
CEPT 245Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology3
CEPT 251Cardiac Electrophysiology and Rhythm Recognition I2
RTSI 345Cardiac/Interventional Procedures3
Winter Quarter
AHCJ 402Pathology I4
CEPT 252Cardiac Electrophysiology and Rhythm Recognition II2
RELE 457Christian Ethics and Health Care2
RTSI 351Angio/Interventional Procedures I3
Spring Quarter
RTSI 344Pharmacology for Imaging Professionals4
RTSI 356Vascular Anatomy and Physiology3
RTSI 360Cardiac Imaging Review1
 Total Units: 37

Normal time to complete the program

One (1) year (four [4] academic quarters)—based on part-time enrollment.