Cardiac and Vascular Imaging (CVI) — Certificate

First Year
Autumn QuarterUnits
CEPT 245Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology3
CEPT 251Cardiac Electrophysiology and Rhythm Recognition I2
RTSI 345Cardiac/Interventional Procedures3
Winter Quarter
AHCJ 402Pathology I4
CEPT 252Cardiac Electrophysiology and Rhythm Recognition II2
RELE 457Christian Ethics and Health Care2
RTSI 351Angio/Interventional Procedures I3
Spring Quarter
RTSI 344Pharmacology for Imaging Professionals4
RTSI 356Vascular Anatomy and Physiology3
RTSI 360Cardiac Imaging Review1
Summer Quarter
RTSI 352Angio/Interventional Procedures II3
RTSI 359Vascular Imaging Review1
RTCH 456Cardiac Interventional Clinical Affiliation3
RTCH 457Vascular Interventional Clinical Affiliation3
 Total Units: 37

Required for cardiac interventional (CI). Total units 28.


Required for vascular interventional (VI). Total units 27.


Multiple registrations required to meet unit requirement. 


Students pursing both CI & VI are required to complete 12 units (6 units of RTCH 456 Cardiac Interventional Clinical Affiliation and 6 units of RTCH 457 Vascular Interventional Clinical Affiliation). Students pursuing only one emphasis (i.e., CI or VI) will complete 9 affiliation units in the designed emphasis.

Normal time to complete the program

One (1) year (four [4] academic quarters)—based on part-time enrollment.