GRDN 514. Introduction to Biomedical Research. 4 Units.

Provides basic information necessary to develop a research proposal. Focuses on applied statistics, as well as proposal writing—which emphasizes critical evaluation of the literature, proposal design, and proposal methodology. Culminates in an approved research proposal suitable for submission to the departmental Research Guidance Committee (RGC). Lectures, seminars.

GRDN 535. Clinical Oral Pathology. 2 Units.

Differential diagnosis of oral disease. Includes epidemiology, etiology, clinical, radiographic, and/or microscopic features. Management of oral diseases.

GRDN 601. Practice Management. 2 Units.

Prepares student for specialty practice. Concepts of employment, records, incorporating, insurance, and practice planning.

GRDN 609. Professional Ethics. 2 Units.

Provides students with a theological and philosophical framework for professional ethics. Topics include individual rights, autonomy, informed consent, and responsibilities of the professional person in the dental field, as well as in society as a whole.

GRDN 622. Biomedical Science I. 2 Units.

Advanced, course offered every other year (alternating with GRDN 623) during Autumn Quarter. Course content includes applied oral bacteriology, immunology, topics in oral medicine, applied pharmacology, and orofacial pain. Students expected to have prior basic knowledge in the various topic areas.

GRDN 622A. Biomedical Science. 2 Units.

Advanced, one-quarter course offered Fall Quarter annually. Includes an overview of immunology, developmental anatomy of the head and neck, TMD symptomology and treatment modalities, bacterial cytology, growth and metabolism, emerging infectious diseases with focus on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, dental caries and caries risk assessment, antibiotics and their mechanisms of action and clinical application, viral diseases, and the connection between oral and systemic diseases.

GRDN 622B. Biomedical Science. 2 Units.

Advanced, one-quarter course offered annually Winter Quarter. Includes cell cycles, wound healing, surgical principles, oral principles, implants, and radiology. Prior basic knowledge in the various topic areas expected.
Prerequisite: GRDN 622A.

GRDN 623. Biomedical Science II. 4,5 Units.

Advanced, two-quarter course offered every other year (alternating with GRDN 622) during Autumn and Winter Quarters. Course content includes cell biology, applied oral pathology, biology of hard tissues, physiology, and biochemistry. Students expected to have basic knowledge in the various topic areas.

GRDN 700. Advanced Dental Education Remediation. 1-8 Units.

Outlines how deficiencies will be remediated and reassessed for the course in question.