RESD 765. Removable Prosthodontics II. 1 Unit.

Focuses on the fundamentals of designing a removable partial denture for patients. Assists student in understanding treatment of patients with removable prosthesis through individual projects, group exercises, oral and power point presentations, and writing assignments.

RESD 765L. Removable Prosthodontics II Laboratory. 1 Unit.

Student applies concepts and fundamentals from RESD 765 to complete various projects/laboratory exercises to treat patients with removable partial dentures.

RESD 773. Fixed Prosthodontics II Lecture. 2 Units.

Continues RESD 772.

RESD 773L. Fixed Prosthodontics II Laboratory. 2 Units.

Continued laboratory experience in fixed prosthodontics.

RESD 801. Fixed Prosthodontics and Occlusion. 1 Unit.

Introduces additional techniques for fixed prosthodontics, treatment planning, and repair techniques for prosthetic failures.

RESD 811. Dental Materials II. 1 Unit.

Selection and uses of current dental materials.

RESD 822. Operative Dentistry II Lecture. 1 Unit.

Indications, preparations, and placement of direct core build-up procedures (including endodontically treated teeth), atypical case gold, and complex amalgam restorations. Covers implant overdenture procedures. Provides expanded teaching and hands-on laboratory practice of CAD/CAM procedures.

RESD 822L. Operative Dentistry II Laboratory. 1 Unit.

Laboratory experiences introduce students to the MARC simulator, CAD/CAM experience in tooth preparation and image capture, post and core build-up, and implant overdenture procedures; as well as further complex tooth restoration procedures.

RESD 823. Aesthetic Dentistry. 1 Unit.

Principles of dental aesthetics, adhesion to tooth tissues, preparation and placement of tooth-colored restorations in anterior and posterior teeth. Resin, gold, ceramic, and CAD/CAM restorations. Emphasizes diagnosis and treatment planning for aesthetic procedures.

RESD 823L. Aesthetic Dentistry Laboratory. 1 Unit.

Laboratory experiences focusing on dental photography, diastema closures, bleaching trays, resin restorations, and preparation of teeth for veneer restorations and temporization.

RESD 844. Restorative Study Club Seminar. 0.5 Units.

RESD 854. Implant Dentistry. 2 Units.

Focuses on diagnostic and treatment-planning procedures associated with implant dentistry, the benefits of implant dentistry, the scientific and technical foundations for implant surgery and associated advanced procedures, the peri-implant tissues, postplacement care, and clinical complications associated with dental implants.

RESD 854L. Implant Dentistry Laboratory. 1 Unit.

Laboratory experience that applies knowledge of diagnosis and treatment planning to the fabrication of radiographic and surgical templates, and provides experience with the analysis of cone-beam radiographic scans and the use of dental implant-planning software. Laboratory additionally provides an implant-placement experience using a manikin—followed by impression making, the fabrication of a working cast, and the formation of a wax pattern for a definitive restoration.

RESD 861. Senior Topics in Removable Prosthodontics. 2 Units.

Treatment planning and problem solving in removable prosthodontics and combination cases to prepare fourth-year dental students for dental practice and National Dental Board Examination Part II.

RESD 875B. Patient Care Clinic II. 12 Units.

Clinical practice in the restoration of teeth and the replacement of missing teeth—including attendant diagnostic procedures, planning and sequencing of treatment, disease control procedures, and appropriate continuing-care procedures following treatment.
Prerequisite: DENT 770B.

RESD 875C. Patient Care Clinic III. 15 Units.

Clinical practice in the restoration of teeth and the replacement of missing teeth,including attendant diagnostic procedures, planning and sequencing of treatment, disease control procedures, and appropriate post-treatment continuing-care procedures.
Prerequisite: RESD 875B.