The School of Public Health offers certificates in various programs to meet the needs of qualified individuals who seek to develop competencies in specialties in public health. Certificate program instruction is primarily provided by regular School of Public Health faculty members during regular quarter terms. Students are responsible for following required registration procedures during regularly scheduled time periods. A minimum of 12 units, plus one (1) unit of religion is required for a certificate. Units may not be shared with a concurrent degree program.

General certificate information


Course sessions are conducted during regular term sessions. Certificate courses in the School of Public Health carry the same credit units as courses applicable toward degree programs. Certificate courses are taught on a quarter-term system, although selected courses may be offered by special arrangement.

Religion course requirement

Registration and completion of a one-unit, graduate-level religion course is mandatory for each certificate program. Religion courses must have an REL_ prefix and be offered through Loma Linda University. The religion requirement provides a spiritual dimension to the professional training of public health students, as well as an opportunity to further develop their skills in dealing with life's challenges and opportunities for personal spiritual growth. Course units will not be transferred from other universities or institutions, nor is waiving this requirement an option, regardless of educational background. A traditional letter grade is required.

General certificate requirements

All certificate program applicants must meet the general admissions requirements found in this catalog. Coursework is graduate level; therefore, students must demonstrate eligibility for application to a graduate-level program.

Course format

Courses are generally taught in the same format as regularly scheduled on-campus courses. However, Web-based courses and/or intensive format courses may also be utilized. These courses are tailored to the adult learner, with clear application and examples from the public health professional world, and represent the same course requirements and credit units as those applicable to graduate degree programs.

Grade point average

A grade point average of 3.0 (B) must be maintained.