The Department of Counseling and Family Sciences supports the mission of Loma Linda University, sharing its commitment to bring wholeness to individuals and families in near and far-away places. The department values local and global outreach and seeks to provide opportunities for students to integrate knowledge and skills with diverse peoples in various life contexts. The department is proud of its well-qualified faculty who value teaching, research, and service, and who seek to build up their respective professions in tangible ways. The various academic programs have program accreditations and approvals, and have been recognized for their outstanding work, high standards, and superior student outcomes.

As one of the three academic departments in the School of Behavioral Health at Loma Linda University, the Department of Counseling and Family Sciences administers three master's degree programs—child life specialist (M.S.), counseling (M.S.), and marital and family therapy (M.S.), online and campus-based; and two doctoral programs—a Ph.D. degree in systems, families, and couples that offers a clinical specialty (couple and family therapy) and a nonclinical specialty (family studies); and a Doctor of Marital and Family Therapy (D.M.F.T.) degree. The D.M.F.T. degree is offered online only.

Certificate programs are offered to augment academic and professional preparation for future careers. They include drug and alcohol counseling (online only) and the school counseling certificate which leads to the pupil personnel services credential in the state of California. The department also offers a medical family therapy specialization for both M.S. and doctoral students.

Academic writing support

Students who need assistance can contact their program directors to arrange individual support through the department's writing center. 

Combined degrees

The department offers a dual-degree plus certificate program. Graduates of this program earn an M.S. in counseling and M.S. in marital and family therapy as well as a drug and alcohol counseling certificate. 

A complete list of program instructors can be viewed online at

  • Child Life Specialist — M.S.
  • Counseling — M.S.
  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling (online only) — Certificate
  • Marital and Family Therapy — M.S. (online and campus-based), D.M.F.T. (online only)
  • School Counseling (PPS) — Certificate
  • Systems, Families, and Couples — Ph.D.


Winetta A. Oloo

Primary faculty

Heather Beeson

Bryan M. Cafferky

Brian Distelberg

Zephon Lister

Lena Lopez-Bradley

Michelle Minyard-Widmann

Winetta Oloo

Nichola Ribadu

Alisha Saavedra

Randall Walker

Jackie Williams-Reade

Monique Willis

Secondary faculty

Siroj Sorajjakool

Emeritus faculty

Mary V. Moline