The University affirms these values as central to its view of education:


Value definition: Reflects the love of God with respect, mercy, and empathy.
Behavioral attributes

  • Listens to others with kindness and concern.
  • Consistently treats others with courtesy.
  • Encourages an environment that is inclusive.
  • Anticipates and responds to the needs and suffering of others.


Value definition: Exceeds expectations with effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency.
Behavioral attributes

  • Carefully analyzes and balances all aspects of each decision.
  • Establishes high standards for exceptional mission-focused learning and quality health care.
  • Participates in education and clinical care that is evidence-based.
  • Takes all necessary measures to ensure personal and collective safe practices.


Value definition: Puts self-importance aside for the greater good of others.
Behavioral attributes

  • Relates to others with selfless caring.
  • Learns from teachable moments.
  • Treats everyone with thoughtfulness and patience.
  • Lives life with a commitment to service.


Value definition: Carries out actions with honesty and trustworthiness.
Behavioral attributes

  • Builds dependability through honest communication with others.
  • Respects personal and academic freedom.
  • Follows through on commitments.
  • Holds self and others accountable for actions.


Value definition: Commits to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Behavioral attributes

  • Considers how one’s actions will affect others and the environment around.
  • Calls out actions that are in conflict with our values.
  • Supports efforts to remove systemic barriers.
  • Protects the dignity and worth of all individuals.
  • Works toward quality healthcare access for all.


Value definition: Collaborates to achieve a shared purpose.
Behavioral attributes

  • Recognizes, understands, and celebrates the unique strengths of all team members.
  • Shares knowledge and learning opportunities for team growth.
  • Recognizes the contributions of others and affirms their successes.
  • Participates willingly whenever needs arise.


Value definition: Loved by God, growing in health, living with purpose in community.
Behavioral attributes

  • Supports the spiritual value of faith-based education and health care.
  • Demonstrates a positive, peaceful, and hopeful attitude.
  • Promotes Christ’s healing ministry through prayer, positive relationships, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Lives a life that is morally sound and moderate in all things.