Loma Linda University’s institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) for students are assessed throughout the degree programs within the University appropriate for the discipline and degree. The Office of Educational Effectiveness works with these programs to guide their assessment. For more in-depth information about LLU’s ILO assessment, please visit http://www.llu.edu/central/assessment.

  • Critical thinking: Students demonstrate critical thinking through examining ideas and evidence before formulating an opinion or conclusion. 
  • Information literacy: Students demonstrate the ability to identify, locate, evaluate, utilize, and share information.
  • Oral communication: Students demonstrate effective oral communication skills in English.
  • Quantitative reasoning: Students demonstrate the ability to reason and develop evidence-based decisions using numerical information.
  • Written communication: Students demonstrate effective written communication skills in English.

Mission-focused learning outcomes

Loma Linda University’s mission-focused learning outcomes (MFLOs) are firmly rooted in its mission, vision, and values. Because mission-focused learning is LLU’s culture, the University is developing specialized assessment processes to ensure integration of these outcomes over time.

  • Wholeness: Students integrate wholeness into their personal and professional lives: Loved by God, growing in health, and living with purpose in community.
  • Values: Students integrate LLU’s Christ-centered values into their personal and professional lives.