PSYT 526. Psychopathology. 4.5 Units.

Covers mental status examinations. Includes: basic tools for gathering psychiatric information; advanced exposure to psychiatric disease and diagnosis; and, implementation of the DSM-V which involves mood, anxiety, psychotic, trauma, childhood, somatic, personality and sexual disorders. Addresses common comorbidities and psychopharmacologic and psychodynamic treatment options for each disorder.

PSYT 599. Psychiatry Directed Study. 1.5-18 Units.

PSYT 701. Psychiatry Clerkship. 1.5-9 Units.

Six-week clerkship paired with a four-week neurology clerkship. Includes a one-week addiction medicine rotation and two- and three-week rotations working with child, adolescent, and adult populations. Includes a clinical OSCE with a focus on diagnosis of mental illness, development of patient rapport, and identification of risk factors for suicide and homicide. Addresses the identification of ongoing issues of interpersonal transference toward patients and conflict management in patient care.

PSYT 891. Psychiatry Elective. 1.5-27 Units.

Offers fourth-year medical students the opportunity to take electives with psychiatry faculty in child and adult settings. An intensive reading/discussion course in religion and psychiatry.