Richard H. Hart, M.D., Dr.P.H.

It is a privilege to welcome you to Loma Linda University. This is a unique place—one that balances on the twin foundations of faith and science. Being a student here will expose you to a group of faculty and staff members who have chosen to be part of this experience we call Loma Linda. They have chosen to work here because they share in the belief that this is a special place.

We emphasize what we call mission-focused learning. This means that what we offer centers on more than producing knowledgeable professionals because we believe that who you are is even more important than what you know. To assist in this lifelong process, we are encouraging the enculturation of our seven core values, known by the acronym JCWHITE. These values are Justice, Compassion, Wholeness, Humility, Integrity, Teamwork, and Excellence. I encourage each of you to search your own heart and find ways to strengthen these virtues in everything you do.

You also will find an incredible mixture of cultural diversity on our campus. Revel in our similarities and differences, and use each interaction to help you understand the issues that separate us. With understanding comes acceptance. And with acceptance come peace and fellowship. Use your time at Loma Linda to seek out those from other countries and cultures from whom you can learn and gain greater understanding. We will all be better as we tear down those barriers that often separate us.

All this uniqueness is centered on the profound belief that God is here, active in the lives and experiences of each of us. Through our weekly University at Worship, the prayers of faculty members in class, and the daily interchanges across campus, I invite you to join me in getting to know Him better. Place your future in His hands. Have confidence in His leading. Seek out opportunities to fellowship and grow in His love.

Thank you for joining our campus family. I hope it will become as special to you as it has for so many of our 57,250 alumni.

Cordially yours,

Richard H. Hart, M.D., Dr.P.H.
Loma Linda University