CDRB 544. Special Topics in Cancer, Developmental and Regenerative Biology. 2-4 Units.

Addresses advanced topics in cancer, developmental, and regenerative biology. Specific content varies from quarter to quarter. May be repeated for additional credit.

CDRB 550. Clinical Exposure in Oncology. 1 Unit.

Exposes students to various aspects of cancer care as they observe physicians delivering care to patients at all stages of cancer--newly diagnosed, preoperative, postsurgical, and survivorship. Discussion of diagnosis, workup, stage, and treatment plan. Attendance at didactic lectures, tumor board, and grand rounds that highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to cancer management.
Prerequisite: CDRB 555.

CDRB 555. Biology of Cancer. 4 Units.

Interdisciplinary approach to study of the causation, characterization, and prevention of cancer. Offered alternate years.
Prerequisite: IBGS 511; IBGS 512; IBGS 522; IBGS 523.