MEDN 599. Medicine Directed Study. 1.5-18 Units.

MEDN 701. Medicine Clerkship. 1.5-12 Units.

Provides knowledge in internal medicine and develops skills and attitudes necessary to care for the adult patient. One outpatient and two inpatient rotations allow students to experience different patient conditions and populations while exposing them to both acute and chronic medical illnesses.

MEDN 821. Medicine Subinternship. 1.5-6 Units.

Builds upon and expands the core knowledge established during the third-year clerkship. Student assumes more responsibility in patient care and, functioning essentially as the intern on the case, works closely with the senior resident and attending physician to provide optimal care that is evidence-based, cost efficient, and effective.

MEDN 822. Medicine Intensive Care. 1.5-6 Units.

A four-week service on a medical intensive care unit where students are expected to learn the foundations of care in the ICU. Students participate actively in the care of patients admitted to the ICU—integrating and applying their knowledge as they follow patients on a daily basis.
Prerequisite: MEDN 701.

MEDN 891. Medicine Elective. 1.5-27 Units.

Provides an opportunity for students to explore various areas of internal medicine, such as cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology, etc.