Junior YearUnits
HCBL 345Project Management in Health Care3
HCBL 346Legal and Ethical Environment in Health Care3
HLIN 220Health Information Science and the U.S. Health-Care System4
HLIN 248Pathopharmacology for Health Information Management4
HLIN 320Health Information Science for Alternative Care Settings4
HLIN 334Clinical Classification Systems4
HLIN 335Advanced Classification Systems and Coding Compliance4
HLIN 340Seminar and Portfolio for Health Information Management3
HLIN 347Advanced Information Privacy and Security4
HLIN 354Professional Practice Experience3
HLIN 430Quality Management and Performance Improvement in Health Care3
RELE 457Christian Ethics and Health Care2
Senior Year
AHRM 475Health-Care Research and Statistics4
HCBL 434Financial Management for Health Care3
HCBL 471Information Systems Management in Health Care I4
HLIN 344Health-Care Informatics and Database Management4
HLIN 435Seminar and Portfolio for Health Information Management II4
HLIN 437Data Analytics and Visualizations for Health Care4
HLIN 438Revenue Cycle Management for Health Care4
HLIN 439Management in Health Care5
HLIN 440Leadership and Strategy Management in Health Care4
HLIN 454Professional Practice Experience II4
HLIN 472Information Systems Management in Health Care II4
 Total Units: 85

A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required for all courses in the program.

An G.P.A. of 2.0 from LLU must be maintained throughout the program. A minimum of 50 units is required for completion.

Normal time to complete the program

Two years (six academic quarters) at LLU.