Academic standing

The following classifications are based on scholastic performance, as defined by each school within the University: regular standing or academic probation.

Student level

Students enrolled in block programs are classified according to the level of the block in which they are enrolled (e.g., master's-1st, -2nd, or -3rd year; or freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, as is appropriate for the degree program; or PY1 [professional year 1]).

Undergraduate students enrolled in non-block programs are classified based on the transfer credits accepted that fulfill LLU degree requirements at the time of matriculation. Subsequent updates to classifications will include units earned at LLU. Undergraduate classifications are as follow:

Student Level Quarter Units
Freshman 0 – 44.9
Sophomore 45 – 89.9
Junior 90 – 134.9
Senior 135+

Grades and grade points

The following grades and grade points are used in this University. Each course taught in the schools has been approved for either a letter grade and/or an S/U grade.

A 4.0 Outstanding performance.
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0 Very good performance for undergraduate credit; satisfactory performance for graduate credit.
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0 Satisfactory performance for undergraduate credit. Minimum performance for which credit is granted toward a degree in the School of Nursing or the School of Allied Health Professions.
C- 1.7 Minimum performance for which credit is granted toward a degree in the School of Dentistry or the School of Pharmacy.
D+ 1.3
D 1.0 Minimum performance for which undergraduate credit is granted, except as indicated above.
F 0.0 Failure—given when coursework was attempted but when minimum performance was not met.
FA/UA 0.0 Failure to attend (U/A for S/U graded courses)—given when a student discontinues attendance without withdrawing. Last date attended is to be noted on instructor grade report.
MS none Marginally satisfactory performance—approved for the pre-doctoral dentistry (D.D.S.) and advanced dental education programs in the School of Dentistry and for the Doctor of Medicine degree program in the School of Medicine; it is only applicable to S/U graded courses.
S none Satisfactory performance—counted toward graduation. Equivalent to a C grade or better in undergraduate courses, or a B grade or better in graduate courses. An S grade is not computed in the grade point average. A student may request a grade of S in only a limited amount of coursework, as determined by the school in which the student is enrolled. This is done by the student's filing with the Office of University Records the appropriate form prior to fourteen calendar days before the final examination week. Once filed, the grade is not subject to change.
U none Unsatisfactory performance—given only when performance for an S-specified course falls below a C grade level in an undergraduate course or a B grade level in a graduate course. Similar filing procedures as given for an S grade above are required. The U grade is not computed in the grade point average.
S/N none Satisfactory performance in a clock-hour course. Not included in total units. Same grading criteria as the S grade given for a credit-hour course.
U/N none Unsatisfactory performance in a clock-hour course. Not included in total units. Same grading criteria as the U grade given for a credit-hour course.
CR none Credit for credit by examination. Counted toward graduation/units earned but not units attempted. Such credit cannot be counted for financial aid purposes.
NC none No credit for unsatisfactory performance for a credit by examination. Does not count for any purpose.
W Withdrawal—given for withdrawal from a course prior to fourteen calendar days before the final examination week for standard-term courses. Withdrawals during the first fourteen calendar days of a quarter or the first seven calendar days of a five-week summer session are not recorded if the student files with the Office of University Records the appropriate form prior to the cut-off date. Withdrawals outside this time frame, upon recommendation of the dean, may be removed at the discretion of the provost. In the case of nontraditionally scheduled courses, a W notation will be given for withdrawal from a course prior to completion of 80 percent of the course, excluding the final examination period. Withdrawals during the first 20 percent of a course, excluding the final examination period, are not recorded if the student files with the Office of University Records the appropriate form prior to the date when 20 percent of the course is completed. A student may withdraw only once from a named cognate course that they are failing at the time of withdrawal.
UW Unofficial Withdrawal—indicates that the student discontinued class attendance after the close of registration but failed to withdraw officially.
I Incomplete—given when the majority of the coursework has been completed and circumstances beyond a student's control result in the student being unable to complete the quarter. An I notation may be changed to a grade only by the instructor before the end of the following term (excluding summer sessions for those not in attendance during that term). Incomplete units are not calculated in the grade point average. By use of the petition form—available online at—the student requests an I notation from the instructor, stating the reason for the request and obtaining the signatures of the instructor, the department chair, and the associate dean. The instructor reports the I notation on the grade report form, as well as the grade the student will receive if the deficiency is not removed within the time limit. The petition form is then filed with the Office of University Records along with the grade report form. The I notation is not granted as a remedy for overload, failure on final examination, absence from final examination for other than an emergency situation, or a low grade to be raised with extra work.
IP In Progress – indicates the course has a duration of more than a single term and may be given by term-based programs for an independent study course (i.e., clinical/field practicum, directed study, or research). It is not to exceed five quarters (original quarter of registration plus four additional quarters). The student's final grade will be reported on the instructor's grade report at the end of the term in which the course is completed. If the course work is not completed within the five-quarter time limit, a grade of UW will be given. An IP may be given by nonterm programs when the student has not fulfilled all the requirements of the course and the faculty and the Academic Review (Promotions) Committee judge that the deficiency can be remediated prior to the start of the next academic year.
AU Audit—indicates registration for attendance only, with 80 percent class attendance considered a requirement. A request to change a credit course to audit or an audit course to credit may be made no later than the fourteenth calendar day after the beginning of a quarter, or the seventh calendar day after the beginning of the five-week summer session. (This does not apply to short summer courses lasting only a week or two.)
AUW Audit Withdrawal—given for withdrawing from a course, or to indicate that the 80 percent class attendance requirement was not met.

Grade change

Faculty members are responsible for evaluating and assigning grades. A grade may not be changed except when an error has been made in arriving at or recording a grade. Such changes are permissible up to the end of the succeeding term.

The faculty member must obtain the dean's signature on the change of grade form after the initial grade has been entered.

Repeating a course

Once grades have been posted for a course, a student wishing to improve their grade must repeat the course. When repeating a course, the student must attend class and laboratory sessions as ordinarily required and take all regularly scheduled examinations. The amount of tuition paid for repeated courses is determined by the school. Both the original and the repeat grades will appear on the student's permanent record, but only the repeat grade is computed in the G.P.A. and included in the total units earned. A student may repeat a course only once, and no more than two courses may be repeated in a student's degree program.


The University provides Loma Linda University transcripts to other institutions, or to the student or graduate only upon the student's written or electronic request signature in accordance with FERPA.