NGNE 500. Teaching and Learning Theory. 3 Units.

Explores the components of the teaching-learning process, including traditional and current modalities. Provides opportunities for students to practice specific teaching strategies.

NGNE 501. Curriculum Development in Higher Education. 3 Units.

Emphasizes the basic principles of curriculum building (needs assessment, program planning, implementation, and evaluation) within the context of the purposes, trends, and issues of the undergraduate curriculum in higher education. Considers content in nursing science and physical therapy and related disciplines in the context of the philosophical base and nursing and physical therapy theory. Synthesizes knowledge and application through a curriculum development project.

NGNE 502. Assessment of Learning Outcomes. 3 Units.

Explores methods of assessing classroom and clinical performance in nursing. Assists students in developing measurement instruments that assess clinical reasoning. Discusses test administration, results analysis, and appropriate feedback. Addresses social, ethical, and legal issues related to evaluation, testing, and grading.

NGNE 503. Educational Leadership. 2 Units.

Focuses on development of leadership skills within the nursing education arena that facilitates quality education. Explores the processes of moving from a nurse faculty role to a leadership role with a perspective toward developing educational approaches that meet current and future needs of students and facilitate the development of nursing faculty. Learned leadership to advance nursing education by being involved with others, being authentic, and creating an environment for change.

NGNE 504. Teaching Practicum. 3 Units.

Assists the student in developing the ability to teach both theory and clinical components in the specialty area of choice. Emphasizes the nurse teacher as facilitator of learning. Integrates expected knowledge and skills related to educational methodology and clinical nursing. Practice teaching done in the classroom and clinical setting. Per week: theory 0 hours, practicum 9-12 hours.
Prerequisite: NGNE 500.

NGNE 505. Clinical Practicum: Nurse Educator. 3 Units.

Focuses on in-depth clinical expertise in selected area of nursing practice. Considers strategies to use clinical expertise in facilitating future nursing students' learning.