The Clinical Laboratory Science Department is home to the programs associated with laboratory medicine: clinical laboratory science (medical technology or medical laboratory science), and phlebotomy (venipuncture). Whether testing blood or body fluids, analyzing cells and cell patterns, or collecting patient samples, the laboratory professional is integral to the health-care team and patient care.

The goals of the Clinical Laboratory Science Department are as follow:

  1. To provide opportunities, instruction, and guided experiences enabling the student to acquire the basic knowledge and attain technical ability essential to the practice of their chosen profession.
  2. To help the student accept responsibility for integrity, ethical relationships, and empathetic attitudes that contribute to the welfare and well-being of patients.
  3. To help the student develop a background of information and attitudes conducive to interprofessional understanding and cooperation.
  4. To encourage the student to cultivate habits of self-education that will foster lifelong professional growth.
  5. To engender and nurture in the student the desire to serve mankind and, in particular, to serve as needed, in the medical centers sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church—both in the United States and abroad.


Rodney M. Roath

Primary faculty

Eric Shadrach Aldovino

Craig E. Austin

Jonrey Avellano

Linda S. Buckert

Shalini Carter

Lauren Drake

Monique K. Gilbert

Susie M. Johnson

Valerie Laida

Thuan H. Nguyen

Nove Oliver

Elde M. B. Paladar

Rodney M. Roath

Teri H. Ross

Edward Rowsell

Linda J. Shain

Benjamin Siapco

Richard B. Thorpe

Alicia M. Triplett

Jane N. Zappia

Secondary faculty

Paul C. Herrmann

Pamela J. Wat