The fundamental goal of the Department of Radiation Medicine is to provide optimal care to patients by means of ionizing radiation—much of it using proton therapy, the hospital-based application which was pioneered by the department. This care rests upon the foundation of basic, translational, and clinical research which, when combined with patient education, ensures that patients and their families receive state-of-the-art treatment planning and delivery, follow-up and posttreatment care, and support.


Jerry D. Slater

Vice chair, Clinical Affairs

David A. Bush

Primary faculty

Antonella Bertucci

Eleanor Blakely

David A. Bush

Dongrak Choi

Abiel Ghebremedhin

B. Rodney Jabola

Joseph I. Kang

Lilia N. Loredo

Grant McAuley

Ivan C. Namihas, Jr.

Daniel Miller

Prashanth Nookala

Baldev Patyal

William Preston

Jerry D. Slater

Jason Slater

Marcelo Vazquez

Ning Wang

Andrew Wroe

Gary Y. Yang

Secondary and adjunct faculty

Xiao Mao

Gregory Nelson

Michael Pecaut

Richard Sun

Roman Vlkolinsky

Nathan Wall