The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was established to develop clinical services in rehabilitation medicine, and to offer resources for teaching and research in the field of rehabilitation. These clinical and academic activities cover a wide spectrum of clinical medicine. They have as a central basis the idea that rehabilitation is a complex process involving not only multiple disciplines, but also consideration of the patient in the broader context of the family and community. Psycho-social-spiritual aspects of rehabilitation complete the whole-person focus, thus providing an opportunity for faculty members and students to observe and experience patient care, while meeting the goals and objectives of the School of Medicine.


Justin T. Hata

Vice chair


Primary faculty

Krystle Barrera

Murray Brandstater

Beryl Bull

Brian Chau

Davin Chu

Anne Cipta

Travis Fogel

Michael J. Gilewski

Justin Hata

Sarah Humbert

Giang-Tuyet Lam

Esther Lee

Samuel Lee

Micky Lui

Douglas Mack

Jeffrey Murray

Eugene Pak

Chakradhar Penta

Scott R. Strum

Phillip Ta

Christopher Tarver

Duc Tran

Victoria Tran

Shawn Uraine

Tina Wang

Michael Wettstein

Thaddeus Wilson

Secondary Faculty

David Creamer

Thomas Edell

Gordon Peterson


Murray Brandstater