The School of Pharmacy will interview pharmacy students who express interest in the M.S. degree in health professions education. An online admission application for the program is required to facilitate enrollment, but the School of Pharmacy grants formal approval. 

The deadline for submitting the application is June 1 of each year; decisions will be made by August 1 of each year. Selection will be based on the following criteria for a PY2 start year:

  • Preferred G.P.A. of 3.5.
  • Two letters of recommendation of School of Pharmacy faculty.
  • Approval from the School of Pharmacy dean or academic dean.
First YearUnits
RELT 706Adventist Beliefs and Life2
RXEE 580Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience—Community I3
RXPC 561Pharmaceutical Care I4
RXPS 501Pharmaceutical Calculations2
RXPS 502Pharmaceutics I4
RXPS 503Pharmaceutics II3
RXPS 541Foundations of Biomedical Science I4
RXPS 542Foundations of Biomedical Science II4
RXRX 500AProfessional Development1.5
RXRX 500BProfessional Development1.5
RXSA 547Pharmacy Law2
RXSA 555Epidemiology and Public Health3
RXSA 6501Biostatistics3
RXTH 560Pharmacist-Guided Self Care5
RXTH 570Introduction to Disease Management2.5
Second Year
RELE 705Ethics in Pharmacy Practice3
RELR 709Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying2
RXDI 6641Drug Information and Literature Evaluation3
RXEE 680Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience—Community II2
RXEE 690Introduction to Hospital Pharmacy Practice2
RXPS 543Foundations of Biomedical Science III4
RXPS 544Foundations of Biomedical Science IV4
RXPS 610Pharmacokinetics4
RXRX 600AProfessional Development1.5
RXRX 600BProfessional Development1.5
RXSA 646Principles of Management3
RXSA 751Social-Behavioral Aspects of Pharmacy Practice3
RXTH 671Fluids and Electrolytes2
RXTH 674Renal and Respiratory Diseases3.5
RXTH 683Endocrine3.5
RXTH 684Cardiovascular I3.5
RXTH 685Cardiovascular II3.5
Health professions education courses: 
Autumn Quarter: 
AHCJ 509Transformational Teaching and Learning3
AHCJ 515Curriculum Development in Higher Education3
Winter Quarter: 
AHCJ 556Administration in Higher Education3
AHCJ 564Collaborative Learning in Higher Education3
Spring Quarter: 
AHCJ 506Educational Evaluation and Clinical Assessment3
NGNE 500Teaching and Learning Theory3
Summer Quarter: 
AHCJ 555Writing for Health-Care Professionals3
Third Year
RELE 706Advanced Ethics in Pharmacy Practice2
RELT 740World Religions and Human Health3
RXEE 790Introduction to Clinical Pharmacy Practice2
RXPC 761Pharmacy Practice I2
RXPC 762Pharmacy Practice II2
RXPC 763Pharmacy Practice III4
RXPS 545Foundations of Biomedical Science V4
RXRX 700AProfessional Development1.5
RXRX 700BProfessional Development1.5
RXSA 743Health Systems, Reimbursement, and Pharmacoeconomics3
RXTH 704Special Populations3
RXTH 771Central Nervous System II3.5
RXTH 773Central Nervous System I3.5
RXTH 774Gastrointestinal Disorders2.5
RXTH 775Oncology2.5
RXTH 776Infectious Diseases7
Health professions education courses: 
Autumn Quarter: 
HPED 535Current Issues in Health Professions Education3
AHCJ 566Theoretical Foundations of Leadership3
Winter Quarter: 
HPED 581Capstone Project in Health Professions Education I3
HADM 528Organizational Behavior in Health Care3
Spring Quarter: 
HPED 582Capstone Project in Health Professions Education II3
AHCJ 600Active Online Learning3
Fourth Year
Six (6) of the following eight (8) APPE courses required: 
RXEE 821Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience I6
RXEE 822Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience II6
RXEE 823Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience III6
RXEE 824Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience IV6
RXEE 825Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience V6
RXEE 826Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience VI6
RXEE 827Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience VII6
RXEE 828Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience VIII6
 Total Units: 215.5

Course units count toward the M.S. in health professions education.

Normal time to complete the program

Four (4) years (13 academic quarters); full-time enrollment required.