Program director, Bioethics, School of Religion

Whitny Braun de Lobatón

Program director, School of Pharmacy



The faculty of the M.A./Pharm.D. combined degrees program is primarily drawn from Loma Linda University's School of Pharmacy and School of Religion.


Students are selected through a competitive process led by the School of Pharmacy in conjunction with the Bioethics Program. The School of Pharmacy academic dean recommends students, triggering a streamlined admissions process of the M.A. degree in bioethics.

The program

The M.A./Pharm.D. combined degrees program is designed to fit the schedule of Pharm.D. students. Loma Linda University has been a leader in bioethics education for health-care professionals for nearly half a century. The School of Pharmacy places a high premium on moral values and is a pioneer as one of the very few pharmacy schools in the nation to offer a Pharm.D./M.A. combined degrees program.

An M.A. degree in bioethics taken as a stand-alone degree requires 48 units in bioethics courses. However, the M.A./Pharm.D. combined degrees allows students to double count 25 units of the required 48 units as follows:

  1. Eight (8) units come from three courses in the pharmacy curriculum that are counted for M.A. degree in bioethics credit: a) RXSA 555 Epidemiology and Public Health, b) RXSA 547 Pharmacy Law, and c) RXSA 751 Social-Behavioral Aspects of Pharmacy Practice. Acceptance of these courses for M.A. degree credit requires an integrative, supplemental eight-page paper that relates the courses' content to bioethics.
  2. Eight (8) units come from the substitution of three School of Religion courses in the Pharm.D. curriculum with courses in the Bioethics Program because content is duplicated.
  3. Nine (9) units of additional credit come from three electives in bioethics taken by Pharm.D. students.

M.A. degree requirements

School of Pharmacy courses that apply to the M.A. degree in bioethics
RXSA 555Epidemiology and Public Health3
RXSA 547Pharmacy Law2
RXSA 751Social-Behavioral Aspects of Pharmacy Practice3
Total Units8
A model curriculum of bioethics coursework taken throughout the four years of the pharmacy curriculum
First Year
Spring Quarter
RELE 567World Religions and Bioethics3
RELE 565Aesthetics and Ethics3
Second Year
Summer Quarter
RELE 524Bioethics and Society3
Autumn Quarter
RELE 588Philosophical Ethics3
RELE 545Bioethics Case Conference I1
Winter Quarter
RELE 568Bioethics and the Law3
Spring Quarter
RELE 515Faith and Flourishing3
RELE 566History of Health-Care Ethics3
Third Year
Summer Quarter
RELE 589Biblical Ethics3
RELG 510Christian Service1
Autumn Quarter
RELE 554Clinical Ethics Practicum I3
Winter Quarter
RELE 598Master's Seminar I3
RELE 555Clinical Ethics Practicum II3
Spring Quarter
RELE 599Master's Seminar II2
RELE 556Clinical Practicum III3
 Total Units: 40