Program director, Bioethics, School of Religion

Whitny Braun de Lobatón

Program liaison, School of Medicine

Amy Hayton


The faculty for the combined degree program in Bioethics with Medicine are drawn from Loma Linda University's School of Religion and School of Medicine.


Students are selected through a competitive process led by the School of Medicine in conjunction with the Bioethics Program. Selection is based upon the standard admission criteria for the M.A. degree in bioethics.

The program

An M.A. degree in bioethics taken as a stand-alone degree requires 48 units in bioethics and related courses. However, the combined M.A./M.D. student is able to reduce the total required units by sharing 12 units between the two programs in the following manner.

First, Second, & Third Years
Standard M.D. curriculum
Fourth Year
M.A. Coursework
Courses in M.D. curriculum shared with M.A. curriculum
RELR 704Orientation to Christian Physician Formation2
RELE 708Medicine and Ethics1
RELE 714Advanced Medical Ethics2
RELR 774Whole-Person Care for Physicians1
RELT 716God and Human Suffering2
or RELT 740 World Religions and Human Health
MCPF 510Christian Physician Formation4
Summer Quarter
RELG 510Christian Service1
RELE 524Bioethics and Society3
RELE 545Bioethics Case Conference I1
Autumn Quarter
RELE 546Bioethics Case Conference II1
RELE 554Clinical Ethics Practicum I3
RELE 588Philosophical Ethics3
RELE 589Biblical Ethics3
Winter Quarter
RELE 548Christian Social Ethics3
RELE 555Clinical Ethics Practicum II3
RELE 568Bioethics and the Law 23
or RELE 534 Ethical Issues in Public Health
RELE 598Master's Seminar I 23
or RELE 534 Ethical Issues in Public Health
Spring Quarter
RELE 542Bioethics Integration I1
RELE 556Clinical Practicum III3
RELE 567World Religions and Bioethics3
or RELE 515 Faith and Flourishing
RELE 599Master's Seminar II2
Total Units48

Two additional units can be shared from a School of Medicine block course with the submission of integration papers in RELE 542 Bioethics Integration I and RELE 543 Bioethics Integration II.


Recommended elective courses.