The purpose of the Department of Radiology is to provide:

  1. Excellent patient services through imaging studies, special diagnostic procedures, and interventional procedures.
  2. Educational programs that include research and clinical training for technologists, physicists, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, radiology residents and fellows.
  3. Research support through laboratory and clinical facilities.
  4. Support for the local, national, and international interests and programs of Loma Linda University.


David B. Hinshaw, Jr.

Division of Diagnostic Ultrasound

Glenn Rouse, Head

Division of General Diagnostic Radiology

Kendra L. Fisher, Head

Kendra L. Fisher, Co-Head, Chest and Cardiac Radiology Sub-Division

Shannon Kirk, Co-Head, Chest and Cardiac Radiology Sub-Division

Alexander Chien, Co-Head, Musculoskeletal Sub-Division

Allie Blakcburn, Co-Head, Musculoskeletal Sub-Division

Thomas Kelly, Head, Abdominal Imaging Sub-Division

Won-Chul Bae, Head, Outpatient Radiology/Women's Imaging Sub-Division

Division of Interventional Radiology

Jason Smith, Head

Division of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

David B. Hinshaw, Head

Division of Neuroradiology

J. Paul Jacobson, Head

J. Paul Jacobson, Head, Interventional Neuroradiology Sub-Division

N. Dan Wycliffe, Head, ENT Radiology Sub-Division

Division of Nuclear Radiology

Gerald A. Kirk, Head

Division of Pediatric Radiology

Yen-Ying Wu, Head

Primary faculty

Patricia Acharya

Adina Achiriloaie

Won-Chul Bae

Samuel Barnes

Brenda Bartnik-Olson

Allie K. Blackburn

Jerome Burstein

Ronnie Chen

Alexander J. Chien

Cherie A. Cora

Sonia G. Dhaliwal

Kendra L. Fisher

Scott Fujimoto

Umesh Gangadharmath

David W. Gentry

Mark S. Girguis

Sheri L. Harder

Barbara Holshouser

Daniel Hoss

Daniel Jin

David B. Hinshaw, Jr.

J. Paul Jacobson

Thomas J. Kelly

Daniel K. Kido

Daniel Kido

Paggie Kim

Erica Kinne

Gerald A. Kirk

Shannon R. Kirk

Eric Liu

Milon J. H. Miller

Jon Miller

Jeremy Moretz

Peter H. Pham

Glenn A. Rouse

Hans P. Saaty

Amita Sapra

Victor W. Shi

Jaspreet Singh

Jason C. Smith

Scott Somers

Roger Tomihama

Karen A. Tong

Richard J. Tully

Vy Vu

Beverly Wood

N. Dan Wycliffe

Lionel W. Young

Secondary faculty

Kenneth Abramovitch

Edwin Christiansen

Udochukwu Oyoyo

Adjunct faculty

Samuel Achilefu

E. Mark Haacke

Son Phan

James Slater

Smyrna Tuburan

Emeritus faculty

Phiroze Billmoria

Richard Dunbar

Geoffrey Gardiner

Douglas Smith