The Department of Psychiatry provides educational programs that include clinical training and research for medical students, psychiatry residents, and psychiatry fellows.

During the first and second years, the Department of Psychiatry directs the teaching of the behavioral sciences courses. In these interdisciplinary courses, lectures and demonstrations cover a broad range of human behavioral determinants—including the biology, psychology, sociology, and psychopathology of behavior. A holistic concept of behavior, including its spiritual components, is taught.

The third-year, six-week psychiatry clerkship includes: five weeks divided between two psychiatry treatment sites; and one week at an addiction treatment site. These clerkship experiences offer broad and varied training in the treatment of psychiatric problems of adults and children. Students also participate in an interactive, case-based seminar series.

Fourth-year medical students have the opportunity to take electives with psychiatry faculty in child and adult settings, as well as an intensive reading/discussion course in religion and psychiatry.


William G. Murdoch, Jr.

Vice Chair

William H. McGhee

Primary faculty

Kristen K. Abrams

Julie C. Albert

Ara M. Anspikian

Venkatesh G. Bhat

Stephanie L. Bolton

William Britt

Claudia Carmona

Antonia Ciovica

Irene Ciovica

Richard Cranston

Hanumantharao Dameria

Jesse DeVera

Andrew DiSavino

Carlos Fayard

Khairallah Fayazi

Vamsi Garlapati

Leia Gill

Bryan Goudelock

Cherl Green

George Harding

Stephen Harnish

Mark Haviland

Andrew Hayton

Jim Hwang

William G. Britt III

Chadwick J. Burgdorff

Risa Ishino

Kristina Jahng

Kristina Jahng

Clarence Carnahan, Jr.

Anca Chiritescu

Antonia Ciovica

Irene Ciovica

Richard T. Cranston

Lorie T. DeCarvalho

Ramila D. Duwal

Kari M. Enge

Carlos R. Fayard

Mendel J. Feldsher

Ron S. Foo

Teresa Frausto

Ihor A. Galarnyk

Monika S. Gierz

Leia D. Gill

Raafat W. Girgis

Mark G. Haviland

William A. Hayton

Douglas B. Holl

Joshua L. Horsley

Jerry D. Hoyle

Cameron J. Johnson

Allie Kaigle

Winifred L. Klop

Ritesh Kool

George Koplioff

Maher S. Kozman

Serafin Lalas

Henry L. Lamberton

Timothy T. Lee

Valerie S. L. Leong

Gina Lewis

Jessie Mabaquiao

Jeffrey N. Mar

William H. McGhee

Athanasios A. Mihas

Wadsworth H. Murad

William G. Murdoch, Jr.

Giao Nguyen

David Orea

Carolina Osorio

Dakasha Patel

Melissa J. Pereau

Lisa Phillips

Gabriela Prieto

Peter R. Przekop

David Puder

Cesar-Michael Rafano

Frank Randall

Sharon Remick

William G. Roth

Dragos Serseni

Marion Sherman

Katia Stoletniy

Monica Strom-Tone

Darcy Trenkle

Khushro B. Unwalla

Allison Vargas

E. Ray Verde

Roger S. Wenger

Dawn M. White

Ricardo J. Whyte

Tai Yoo

Secondary faculty

Mark A. Welch

Emeritus faculty

George T. Harding IV