Pathology and Human Anatomy

The primary goal of the Department of Pathology and Human Anatomy is to educate capable, compassionate, scientifically-minded physicians dedicated to the mission and objectives of Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Courses offered by the department provide a bridge to the clinical sciences, spanning the two years of the preclinical curriculum—from foundational principles of gross, microscopic, and developmental anatomy to modern pathophysiologic concepts. Progressive emphasis is placed on cultivating the student's ability to integrate basic knowledge of structure, function, and dysfunction of the human body with analytical skills in solving clinical problems.

The department is strongly committed to facilitating the development of both teaching and investigative skills on the part of faculty members, graduate students, medical students, and residents.


Paul C. Herrmann

Division of Anatomy

P. Benigno Nava, Jr., Vice Chair and Head

Division of Pathology

Darryl G. Heustis, Vice Chair

Division of Anatomic Pathology

G. William Saukel, Head

Division of Human Anatomy

P. Benigno Nava, Head

Division of Laboratory Medicine

James Pappas, Head

Division of Pediatric Pathology

Craig W. Zuppan, Head

Pathology primary faculty

Marie-Rose M. L. Akin

Brian S. Bull

Denise L. Bellinger

Brian S. Bull

Kenneth A. Cantos

Jeffrey D. Cao

Shobha L. Castelino-Prabhu

Resa L. Chase

Evelyn B. Choo

Camilla J. Cobb

Jeremy K. Deisch

Diane K. Eklund

Joy I. Fridey

Paul C. Herrmann

Darryl G. Heustis

W. William Hughes III

Yuichi Iwaki

Kelly S. Keefe

Justin C. Kerstetter

Ralph A. Korpman

Roland E. Lonser

Yamil Lopez

Pedro B. Nava

Kerby C. Oberg

Norman H. Peckham

Mia C. N. Perez

Ravi Raghavan

Anwar S. S. Raza

Heather L. Rojas

Edward H. Rowsell

Lawrence B. Sandberg

G. William Saukel

Frank R. Sheridan

Wesley T. Stevens

Kevin S. Thompson

Steven J. Trenkle

Jun Wang

Pamela J. Wat

Craig W. Zuppan

Pathology secondary and adjunct faculty

Marie-Rose M. L. Akin

J. Bruce Beckwith

Lee S. Berk

Anatomy primary faculty

Denise L. Bellinger

Salvador Soriano Castell

Resa L. Chase

Bertha C. Escobar-Poni

John C. Banks, Jr.

Mary K. Kearns-Jonker

Michael A. Kirby

Zhongrong Luo

Pedro B. Nava

Kerby C. Oberg

Kimberly J. Payne

Kenneth R. Wright

Anatomy secondary and adjunct faculty

William M. Hooker