Gynecology and Obstetrics

The purpose of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics is to provide an academic environment that encourages learning, teaching, and research.

The objectives of the department are to:

  1. Provide medical students with a broad base of knowledge in obstetrics and gynecology for entrance into a primary care specialty.
  2. Instill a standard of medical excellence that will lead to a continuing program of medical education reaching through and beyond the residency years.
  3. Provide faculty members who function as role models for the students and residents.


Kevin Balli

Primary faculty

Sanaz Amini

Kevin C. Balli

Gihan Bareh

Barry S. Block

Jennifer Broad

Irena Cabrera

Philip J. Chan

Sum C. Cheung

Johannah Corselli

Dean E. Dagermangy

Shareece A. Davis-Nelson

Tiare Evans

Heather Figueroa

Ciprian Gheorghe

Jeffrey S. Hardesty

Elaine E. Hart

Bryan Hill

Tamara Hobson

Linda Hong

Beverly K. Hudson

Yevgeniya Ioffe

Ronald B. Johnson

Lisa A. Kairis

Melissa M. Kidder

Kathleen M. Lau

Peter K. Y. Leung

Courtney Martin

Danielle M. Mason

Lynn McLean

Mazdak Momeni

Bryan Oshiro

William C. Patton

Christia Del Rosario

Stuart Ross

Elmer Sakala

Andrea Salcedo

Sam Siddighi

Robert J. Wagner, Jr.

Ai-Mae Watkins

Kaimin A. Wei

Jane Yun

Secondary faculty

Steven M. Yellon