Family Medicine

The objectives of the Department of Family Medicine are to:

  1. Provide medical students and residents with education and training that exemplifies excellence, compassion, and wholeness in the family medicine specialty.
  2. Educate students and residents to provide evidence-based, best-practice, chronic-disease care that spans the arc of care—from prevention to management of palliative care.
  3. Teach students to evaluate and manage common problems at the primary-care level, providing continuing and comprehensive health care for individuals of both genders and all ages.
  4. Teach students and residents skills necessary for taking a spiritual history and for incorporating spiritual and psychosocial dimensions into the biomedical aspects of clinical care.
  5. Introduce students and residents to the use of a systems approach and quality-improvement techniques to improve patient safety, and assure the delivery of best-practice, evidence-based care to a population of patients.
  6. Introduce students to family physician role models so that students will be able to make informed choices regarding family medicine as a career option.


Roger D. Woodruff

Vice Chair

Daniel Reichart

Head, Geriatric Medicine

Wessam Labib

Head, Palliative Medicine

Gina Mohr

Primary faculty

Erin Abston

David Ahamba

Rebecca Barnard

Prashath Bhat

Ron Brathwaite

Zachary J. Cash

Jian Chen

Jeffrey Cho

Heidi Choi

Chad Cole

James E. Crounse

Christen Cuevas

Katalin Danji

Mary Dubisz

Jack Dubois

Lindsey Elsea

N. Margarete Ezinwa

Cindy Gamboa

Rio Gutierrez

Allana Harboldt

Ecler Jaqua

William Jih

Jordan Kattenhorn

Tyler Ladue

Boram Lee

Matthew McCarty

Melissa Monadala

Eduardo Ramirez

Karolis Raudys

Brenda Rea

Armando Lemus-Hernandez

Jessica McClintock

Rami Haddad

Calvin Hagglov

Sara E. Halverson

Mary A. Hanna

Joan E. Haynes-Lee

Jeffrey L. Kim

Richard Kim

Wessam K. Labib

Hobart H. Lee

Allen Liu

Yi Liu

Maria B. Lohr

Kyle Masi

Laurie McNaughton

Gina J. Mohr

Kelly R. Morton

Juan Najarro

Hieu T. M. Nguyen

Van Nguyen

Michelle E. Reeves

Daniel Reichert

Michelle Rhiner

Khaled El Said

Daniel Samano

Karen Shannon

Kevin C. Shannon

Yuliya Shayunussova

Nadia Sheridan

Lauren M. Simon

Eric Steele

Mark Sutton

John Testerman

Sherilyn Toppenberg

Mai-Linh, Tran

Juna Tsao

Lori Urban

Marcos Uribe

Elizabeth West

Stewart Wilkey

Elizabeth Wolpern

Timothy Wong

Roger D. Woodruff

Qi Tong Yu

Secondary faculty

Richelin Dye

Wayne Dysinger

Linda Ferry

Mina Rakoski

Mitsuhiko Tsukimoto

Emeritus faculty

Raymond West