Emergency Medicine

The philosophy of the Department of Emergency Medicine centers on a commitment to quality in its service, teaching, and research missions. This department functions as a crossroads interface between the community and the medical center services—providing a point of access to medical care for many people who are seriously and unexpectedly ill, and whose condition may be compromised by geographic isolation and socioeconomic disadvantage.

The objectives of the department are to:

  1. Provide and coordinate cost-effective, empathic, and compassionate prehospital, emergency, and trauma services of excellent quality.
  2. Support and contribute to the achievement of medical education competency for all categories of emergency care professionals.
  3. Develop initiatives that promote increased understanding of and improved techniques and skills in emergency care practice, heighten positive perception of this specialty, and contribute to quality research in this area.
  4. Promote teamwork skills among the various services and professionals comprising the emergency medical system.


Kathleen J. Clem

Vice chair

Tamara L. Thomas

Division of General Emergency Medicine

Lance A. Brown
Interim Head

Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Lance A. Brown

Primary faculty

Shamel A. Abd-Allah

John Abdelshehid

Jason K. An

Nelson H. Bansil

Besh R. Barcega

Joshua P. Bobko

Ryan Brenchley

Lance A. Brown

Sarah J. Christian-Kopp

Samnuel C. Chua

Kathleen J. Clem

Stephen W. Corbett

Lynda Daniel-Underwood

T. Kent Denmark

Vi A. Dinh

David M. Englander

Jeff T. Grange

Steven M. Green

Gregory T. Guldner

Mindi J. Guptill

Richard H. Guth

Aqeel S. Kahn

Melvyn L. Harris
Voluntary Appointment

Korbin N. Haycock

David A. Hecht

Aqeel S. Khan

Grace J. Kim

Steven S. Kim

Tae Eung J. Kim

Tommy Y. H. Kim

Dallas T. Koperski

Eduardo D. Lam

Lionel H. Lee

Chin-Yu Jean Lo

Michael A. Lowe

R. Daniel Luther II

Claire L. McArthur III

Timothy G. McNaughton

James A. Moynihan

Dan Nadler

John C. Naftel

Timothy P. Nesper

Olen A. L. Nettenburg
Voluntary Appointment

H. Bryant Nguyen

Kenneth L. Nickson

Humberto R. Ochoa

John E. Osborne

Stephen C. Patterson

Mary J. Piroutek

E. Ellen Reibling

James W. Rhee

Thomas S. Sherwin

Dustin D. Smith

Robert C. Steele

Gail M. Stewart

Carl B. Stilson

Heather M. Tassone

Milton R. Teske

Mark E. Thomas

Tamara L. Thomas

Andrea S. Thorp

David D. Tito

Louis P. Tran

Matthew B. Underwood

Marcus T. Voth

David K. Wagner

Justin B. Wagner

E. Lea Walters

Deborah L. Washke

Samuel G. Wilson

Ryan S. Windemuth

Brian J. Wolk

Ernest S. Woodhouse

Carmela Yomtoubian

Timothy P. Young

Kimberly R. Zimmerman

Secondary and adjunct faculty

Jason Prystowsky
Volunatry Appointment