Basic Science

The objectives of the Department of Basic Sciences are to:

  1. Offer relevant course work for the various professional curricula that will provide essential foundational content, an understanding of the current state of the field, and the skills required to maintain currency.
  2. Offer graduate curricula leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees that are designed to provide graduate students with the information and tools needed to succeed as independent educators and investigators.
  3. Conduct and publish peer-reviewed research that contributes to knowledge in the biomedical sciences.
  4. Support Loma Linda University colleagues through collaborations and consultations that will assist in research and instruction.


Penelope J. Duerksen-Hughes

Division of Biochemistry

Penelope J. Duerksen-Hughes, Vice Chair

Division of Biomedical Engineering Science Division

Michael Pecaut, Vice Chair

Division of Microbiology

Hansel M. Fletcher, Vice Chair

Division of Pharmacology

John Buchholz, VIce Chair

Division of Physiology

John H. Zhang, Vice Chair


Kimberly Payne

Primary faculty

Danilyn M. Angeles

Vladimir Bashkirov

Erik Behringer

Danilo Boskovic

Eileen J. Brantley

John N. Buchholz

Carlos A. Casiano

Xin Sean Chen

Johnny Figueroa

Xiang-Qun Hu

Mark Johnson

Daisy D. De Leon

Marino A. De Leon

Charles A. Ducsay

Penelope J. Duerksen-Hughes

Valeri Filippov

Hansel M. Fletcher

David A. Hessinger

Salma Khan

William H. Langridge

Bo Li

Qing Yi Ma

Xiao W. Mao

Eugenia I. Mata-Greenwood

Gregory A. Nelson

Andre Obenaus

William J. Pearce

Michael Pecaut

Christopher C. Perry

Gordon G. Power

Hongyu Qiu

Reinhard Schulte

Ubaldo A. Soto-Wegner

Richard S. Sun

Jiping Tang

Julia J. Unternaehrer-Hamm

Nathan R. Wall

Charles Wang

Kylie J. Watts

Christopher G. Wilson

Sean M. Wilson

David L. Wolf

Daliao Xiao

Steven M. Yellon

John H. Zhang

Lubo Zhang

Secondary faculty

Olayemi Adeoye

Nancy J. Anderson

Brenda L. Bartnik-Olson

David J. Baylink

Abigail Benitez

Arlin Blood

Murray E. Brandstater

David A. Bush

Cindy X. Cai

Philip J. Chan

Chien-Shing Chen

Keith K. Colburn

Bradley A. Cole

Khashayar Dashtipour

Ihab Dorotta

Joseph Fan

Ronald Fernando

Kendra Fisher

Umesh Gangadharmath

Ciprian Gheorghe

Lei Huang

Willie L. Davis, Jr.

Carlos A. Garberoglio

Elizabeth A. Ghazal

June-Anne Gold

Barbara A. Holshouser

Christian S. Jackson

Alan K. Jacobson

T. Michael Kashner

Daniel K. Kido

Michael A. Kirby

Wolff M. Kirsch

Steve C. Lee

Xian Luo-Owen

Timothy Martens

Saied Mirshahidi

Subburaman Mohan

H. Bryant Nguyen

Thomas A. O'Callaghan

Peter H. Pham

Suzanne Phillips

Xue Zhong Qin

Xue Zhong Qin

E. Ellen Reibling

Lawrence Sandberg

Kristin A. Seiberling

Matilda Sheng

Wei-Xing Shi

Sam Siddighi

Jerry Slater

Dustin D. Smith

Jason C. Smith

Salvador Soriano

Donna D. Strong

Xiaolei Tang

Karen A. Tong

Abel Torres

Marcelo Vazquez

Joe E. Wergedal

Leonard S. Werner

Beverly Wood

N. Dan Wycliffe

Gary Y. Yang

Xiangpeng Yuan

Xiao-Bing Zhang

Zhiwei Zhang

Emeritus faculty

Daila Gridley

Barry Taylor

Anthony Zuccarelli